Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Night Football

I like watching football with my husband, especially when the kids are asleep (woo-hoo!). But Al Michaels and John Freaking Madden just drive me nuts. Both are masters of inane and repetitive chatter. And then I drive Brendan nuts with my outraged exclamations and rantings. I've tried to be better about that tonight, but then:

Al Michaels just actually used the phrase "Joanie Loves Chachi." HELP! What in the world?

Seriously, duct tape is in order.

PS--Yay Colts!


Charlie said...

You're missing the full extent of Michaels' complete inanity. Here is the full quote:

"Baltimore hates Indianapolis, but Cleveland hates Baltimore. Then again, Joanie loves Chachi, and we love Paris in the springtime."

I think even John Madden, no stranger to completely random musings falling stupidly from his mouth, must have given Michaels a sideways look at that point... "Al, what the eff am I supposed to do with this? Paris? In the springtime? Are you high?"

I usually like these two, actually. But that particular comment bolted me awake (for a few mins, anyway) and elicited some ranting from me.

I can't remember who said it during the Pats game -- maybe Phill Simms -- but he called somebody a "Sergeant of Arms". And then someone else repeated it. That type of thing happens all the time. Sigh.

Rational Jenn said...

YES YES! That's just crazy. And really, I don't blame Madden for wondering what the hell, because, wow. I'm still wondering myself.

They just make me crazy. Actually, most sports announcers do, because they do not shut up for an instant and just let people watch the game. It's as if they think we are so dumb that we need every. single. thing. explained to us. I'm sure it's not their fault; the producers are the ones telling them to blather on constantly.

Earlier in the season, we were watching a Cowboys game and we considered starting the "Tony Romo is the Real Deal" drinking game, because Madden said that about 3 dozen times. 'Cause, you know, he's the Real Deal. Tony. Tony Romo. Real Freaking Deal. Yup.

Most of the time I can deal (although Brendan my disagree with me), but with Madden and Michaels, I just starting itching all over and wish I could throw things at them. Maybe it's because they do Sunday night and I've had all I can take by then, but I think not. Wasn't Madden on Monday Night Football last year?

Why does it have to be CONSTANT chatter? Because a lot of time it's simply filler and we could be watching the action on the field in peace.

Muzzles and duct tape, I'm serious.

brendan said...

OK, confession time.

I hate Madden and Michaels also. In days of yore, I used to leave them on purposely because as much as their inane prattle annoyed me, I was rewarded with indignant rantings from you, Jenn. They were cute, and highly amusing.

But now you've gotten out of control. It seems that each 10-second quip from either of the spewsome twosome results in at least 10 minutes of raving, run-at-the-mouth, calls to arms from you. And now blog posts. Where does it end?

Rational Jenn said...

Brendan, dear, darling:

As evidence, I submit: "JOANIE LOVES CHACHI." Case closed.

Plus, you like it. :o)