Thursday, December 13, 2007

There Are No Absolutes

This is the kind of crazy stuff you get when moral relativism prevails.

A statement from a friend of the guy who killed a bunch of innocent shoppers at an Omaha mall:

I don’t think anything less of him because I know that Robby would have never done anything like this just for the fun of it . . . He wanted to go out in style, and that’s what he did. (emphasis added)

Well, as long as he didn't kill those people "just for the fun of it," that makes it okay, right? Did he have a right to "go out in style?" Did this guy hear himself talking?

I'm sure the families and friends of the victims would disagree. I hope everyone disagrees.

A college student defends the tasteless Virginia Tech murder victim Halloween costume:

This is a group of college students who now think it’s trendy to be upset about their friends being killed…The thing is, everybody’s making a big stink about Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech was 32 deaths out of the 26 thousand that happen in America everyday. That’s the problem with college students. They all live in an ivory tower of privilege. (emphasis added)

Again, did this guy listen to the words coming out of his mouth? Grief is trendy! I sure hope he doesn't get too sad the next time one of his friends or family or dog passes away. He wouldn't want to be "trendy," now would he? After all, people die every day, what's the big deal?

Murder is disgusting and heinous and wrong. Outrage and grief are appropriate responses to these crimes. But you can't say that for sure unless you think that values are objective, that there are absolutes, and that there are ways in which we can know these things. Our country is in serious trouble if people really truly can't utter the words: Murder is wrong.

via Joanne Jacobs


brendan said...

"That’s the problem with college students. They all live in an ivory tower of privilege."

Um -- privilege? As in, they normally have the "privilege" of NOT being murdered? Damn, kids today sure are spoiled!

These kids just have it too good. Remember when we were college students, and we all got murdered? It was a daily occurrence -- I even knew some people who got murdered like, 5 or 6 times.

And you know what? I never grieved for them; I knew that I didn't have the right to grieve, considering all of the other 25,968 people who died in America that day. What kind of a hypocrite would I be, grieving for only those people I knew & cared about, and not all of those complete strangers? And besides, grieving back then was SO 1989.

I tell ya, this country's going down the sh*tter, fast.

Monica said...

I find those statements hard to believe. Wow. Some people are truly sick.