Monday, December 17, 2007

Today's Counts

Packages mailed: 2 (hooray!)

Christmas gifts purchased: 2 (final ones!)

Coats worn: 0 (mwahahahaha!)

Christmas cards received: 6 (excellent)

Playdates: 2 (very loud)

Number of times watched Backyardigans' Super Secret Super Spy: About 9 (brain hurts)

Questions answered: A cool million


Monica said...

Dang, woman, don't you ever sit?

I feel deficient. I've only mailed out four packages all season :)

S said...

I know you didn't mention catalogs in this one but I saw this in my Mothering newsletter this week and thought of your catalog conundrum

I haven't signed up because I haven't read all the details but it might be worth checking out.