Saturday, December 22, 2007

What A Day This Has Been!

What a jam-packed day! We cleaned up madly in the morning, awaiting the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa, listening to The Beatles to make the work go easier. About 11:00, a package arrived, a Christmas gift to Ryan from my sister: a real live Venus Fly Trap plant! Imagine the excitement! Ryan proudly pronounced it and its food "smelly and disgusting" in that complimentary way that small boys have, and was soon crooning to his new best friend lovingly, "I love you, Venus. You are going to be so happy to live in my house." He adores this plant. Too bad it's hibernating just now! It won't wake up until it gets warmer out, but that's okay--that means it gets to live in his room for the rest of winter.

Then my parents arrived, and there was Talking. The little ones talked, the grandparents pretended to understand. My children do talk quite a bit. My mom made Morgan a pink poncho with Hello Kitty on it, so Morgan got an early Christmas gift, too. She loved it. We made chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies (which were sugared within an inch of their lives) all afternoon. We also saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on The Big Wall. Very impressive.

After dinner, we went to check out the grandparents' hotel room. Hotels are fascinating places and must always be explored and discussed thoroughly. They get that from me. Now everyone's in bed and it's quiet. So sweet and peaceful.

Having my parents come can be stressful, but so far, so good. They aren't the best at listening though, and there is always much repetition of questions and statements and discussions. It frazzles the nerves, particularly if one must repeat oneself a thousand times a day as a general rule due to living with small people. Also, they are famous for non sequiturs, bizarre stream-of-consciousness remarks that leave me dazzled and speechless. So, here's your Non Sequitur of the Day:

The Scene: Listening to The Carpenters' version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" in the car

Grandparent: "I recently heard the Judy Garland version of this song. Nobody sings it like she did."

Me: "Very true."

GP: "Judy's version was the best one. Karen Carpenter has been dead for 30 years."

That is but a taste of the experience of spending time with my parents. Overall, it has been pleasant enough. But we still need to figure out an Activity for tomorrow because our visits always go more smoothly when everyone is engaged in some kind of Thing. I suppose if it gets desperate enough we can always start in on Christmas a little early!

My house smells nice though, Eau du Cookie still wafting in the air.


Kelly said...

Just so you know you are not alone in the craziness, this is what we have been doing every 5 minutes since we got here:

Livy whines about something. I don't have a fork!!!! I wanted my drink first!!!! Waaaah!

My usual response: Oh. Here's a fork. Oh. Well, you were third. Maybe next time. (Extreme calm.)

My mom and grandmother's response: Oh my god, the end of the world!!! Armageddon!!! The Barbarians are coming over the wall!!!

I tell them to stop, handle the situation myself, and Livy is fine.

Then, they talk amongst themselves about how I am kind of a bitch and how Livy is too intense and sensitive.

Rational Jenn said...

What do you mean, it isn't Armageddon? How is that possible!?!?!? I don't believe for a second that Livy is fine, she's obviously going to be scarred for life that you did not retrieve a fork on command! Ryan bears the marks of similar wounds.

Which reminds me, I've been meaning to talk to you about your Mean Old Momminess. I'm sure you've been considering a similar discussion with me.