Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And Another Thing

Well, I just finished listening to the Broussard interview on NPR. A few thoughts.

The first thing I'm going to say doesn't have to do with food allergies. But Ms. Broussard? Is one of those people? Who speaks in questions? All the time? Even when she's not asking questions? That would have annoyed me even if I wasn't already annoyed.

She talked about dairy allergy being more common than peanut and tree nuts, but that schools don't ban dairy. She failed to mention that peanuts and tree nuts are responsible for the majority of fatalities. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology:

Most fatal and near-fatal food allergic reactions in the United States are caused by peanut and tree nuts, often with delayed administration of injectable epinephrine.

This is not meant to minimize the danger to those who have had severe anaphylactic reactions to dairy, egg, soy, or anything else. I'm merely emphasizing why some schools, parents, doctors, what-have-you have placed an emphasis on peanuts and tree nuts. They are more likely to kill.

Ms. Broussard talked some more about people who experience anxiety upon entering a supermarket. Here's an analogy: What if through a strange mixture of events it became commonplace, upon walking into the supermarket to get your food, guns emerged from the ceiling and walls and aimed directly at your head? You know you're probably safe, but wouldn't you feel a little nervous? Shouldn't you feel a little nervous? My goodness! We're discussing FOOD allergies here! Doesn't it stand to reason that going to the place where you get your food that you'd have to be on your guard a bit if some of the food could maybe kill you?

We don't want our son to live in fear, but we want him to be on his guard.

By the way, NPR is going to do a followup on January 31 at 12:40pm to "address listeners' concerns." Dr. Sampson will be on.



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You might be interested in this article, then, on the other side of food allergies and all:


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