Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Carnival Of Homeschooling And Other Stuff

Alasandra (whose blog I've been enjoying recently) is the host of this week's Carnival of Homeschooling. The theme is American literature and I so ached to participate this week, because, you know, literature, but I had nothing. Just . . . nothing! Luckily for all of us, many bloggers had something to write about, so head on over there!

We had a productive day at the cabin yesterday. We really liked the woman from the first company we saw. And . . . creepy guy turned out to be fine in person! Brendan thinks his particular spiel was geared toward a man--I still don't know what that means. Maybe I should have told him I have an MBA so that he would feel comfortable talking business with me. I think he was just being overly cautious and kinda stupid about the whole boy-girl thing. If we go with that company, I wouldn't even be dealing with him on a regular basis anyway.

We are considering both companies--I need to review the contracts carefully to get a sense of all the little fees and perks. Both companies were very complimentary about the cabin--as opposed to the lady we saw Friday, who picked nits and said that they might have to close off the sleeping loft because her cleaning people would be "scared." One company even suggested increasing the nightly rate, which of course I'm all over because, as Francisco said, money is the root of all good. I'll make a decision this week, before our Boston trip. Yay.

At the risk of blathering on about the cabin too much (is that even possible?)--it really is beautiful up there, even in winter! The air is clean and sharp, the view is vast and lovely. Also, the cabin is clean and tidy, a stark contrast to our regular house! Big plus, that. And so I must go and do some productive work around here this morning, before my head explodes.

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