Friday, January 04, 2008

Census Update

Oh! I just received a friendly little postcard from Charles Louis Kincannon, who is the Director of the US Census Bureau.

According to Chuck, I should have received my American Community Survey questionnaire. If I have already mailed it in, then he thanks me. If not, I am to "please send it in soon." And:

Local and national leaders use the information from this survey for planning schools, hospitals, roads, and other community needs.

See? Presumably, I use these schools, hospitals, roads and other community needs and of course, not being one of the "leaders" myself, it is in my best interest to provide them with information about the type of plumbing in my house and the commuting habits of my 2 year old so that those leaders might make wonderful decisions about how best to improve MY LIFE. And the lives of my husband and children.

Wonder how long before I'll get a personal invitation? I'm giving it two weeks.

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