Friday, January 25, 2008

The Day Before

The day before a trip is fun, isn't it? All full of anticipation and excitement and talking and planning.

The day before a trip is also stressful because it's all full of laundry and packing and cleaning and trying to remember those last few things.

I have our travel list divided into 2 categories: Things Without Which We Can't Travel and Everything Else.

The TWWWCT list is as follows:
  • Insulin and appropriate delivery paraphernalia
  • Blood sugar monitor
  • Epi-pens, 2-4
  • Safe food for Ryan
  • Brendan's computer (sad, but true--downside to working in an office of one)
  • ID
  • Money or credit cards
  • Plane info, car info
  • Children
Ever since I figured out how to prioritize our lists, I'm much less stressed about trips in general. The 9 things in the TWWWCT list are, of course, at Turn Around the Car and Drive Home and Get Them priority, since they have to do with physical survival in the world or would prevent us from traveling. (Although, which one would B's computer fall into?)

Everything Else: we can get hold of somehow, somewhere, even at the airport. Notice that I'm a Living on the Edge Mommy and diapers are not on the first list. We could deal with no diapers for a few hours if we had to. We could deal if we had no clothes. We could even deal without our cell phones, especially if we have the computer.

So, I'm feeling good about the things we need to bring on the trip. It's the house that's causing me fits. We are in a more discombobulated state than normal--although when I am ever fully combobulated, I can't imagine. So, in addition to packing and laundry, I have to see to it that there is some semblance of order in the house. Because as much as I hate walking into a mess when returning home from say, the grocery store, I REALLY hate walking into a mess when returning home late at night from the airport after a long trip.

And now I will get to it--but not before telling you that we settled on a property management company for the cabin! Hooray! And guess what? It was the creepy guy after all. Only now he's the Guy Formerly Known as The Creepy Guy. And the woman from the company is super nice and makes up for his former creepiness. She's from New York, too, of all places! So hooray for getting that accomplished before our vaca.

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