Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Did He Watch The Godfather Too Many Times?

A man got probation and community service for mailing a severed cow's head to his wife's lover.

I'm dying here! Maybe I just needed to laugh after spending so much time being frustrated this afternoon.

Jason Michael Fife "understands that in a civilized society a person cannot send a severed cow's head to anybody," said his defense lawyer, Henry Hilles.

But it all ends on a happy note--Fife reconciled with his wife! Well, I suppose the ending wasn't too happy for the guy who got the cow's head in the mail. Or the cow.


Flibbert said...

Now, this might sound wrong, but I actually do not understand why you can't send a severed cow's head to someone if you want to.

Obviously, in some cases, it might be taken as a threat, but I really think there might be some cases where that is perfectly acceptable.

By the way, check your mail.

Rational Jenn said...

I'm sure there are federal post office rules that prohibit, or at least frown sternly upon, the mailing of a frozen dead cow's head. I could be wrong.

But, no, really, I imagine if we had a completely private mail system, there might be some, shall we say, specialty companies offering such services. !!!

I'm sure it would be perfectly appropriate in some situations (thinking hard--which?!?!?!) but obviously, not to threaten someone. Oops.

Although, if you must know, we're pretty well all stocked up here on dead cow's heads this week, so you can go ahead and send that one to someone more deserving.


Kelly said...

Here's one where it might not only be appropriate, but even thoughtful and appreciated:

Junior moves away from the farm and goes to the city to work in a factory. He really misses life in the country, but he mostly misses his pet cow, Bossy. When Bossy dies, Mom and Pop bury her and say a few kind words over her grave, but Junior cannot make it home for any kind of funeral or visitation. Everyone knows that it can be hard to accept the death of a loved one unless you are able to view the body and say goodbye. Junior is having a hard time letting go of the grief, so Mom and Pop mail the frozen head of Bossy to him (the whole body would obviously be too expensive to mail) so that he can have some closure at last.

Rational Jenn said...

Kelly, that was an extremely entertaining story! I suppose if Junior needs closure that badly, then it would be perfectly fine to send him something to get some closure with!

Only I hope they don't do it in the summertime.