Thursday, January 31, 2008

E for Excellent Award

With regard to excellence, it is not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.
--Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics

I'm pleased to announce that I have been nominated for the E for Excellent Blog Award! Thank you to Silvia at Po Moyemu for nominating me!

In order to accept the award, I need to nominate at least 10 other blogs that I think are excellent. I am constantly trying to achieve excellence in my life and one thing that inspires me to be excellent is seeing the excellence around me.

In the blogging realm, there are many fellow bloggers out there who consistently write thoughtful posts that make me challenge my premises, think, laugh out loud, give me good ideas, inspire me and provide information that I use to improve my own life. So, my nominees for the E for Excellent Blog Awards are:


I keep up with so many great Objectivist blogs out there (see my sidebar), that it's tough to choose favorites. The blogs below are the ones I check out nearly every day. I also feel a personal connection with these authors not only because I am interested in the topics they write about, but because of a shared sense of life, sense of humor, and sometimes a sense of outrage!

Flibbertigibbet--I read Flibbert nearly every day and his work never fails to bring a smile to my face. His rants and raves are often mirrors of my own, and he is smart about philosophical stuff, too.

Gus Van Horn--always excellent philosophical and political posts. I'm constantly amazed at how he finds time to write such well-researched and thoughtful pieces. One of my blogging inspirations.

Spark A Synapse--Monica is passionate about her topics, which range from life in Colorado (looks so beautiful) to whether animals have rights to scoring a deal at Walmart (all recent posts). Her style is personable and I always learn something new from reading her blog. Although I only know her via blogs and email, she is a very nice person, too.

Myrhaf--Myrhaf is such an interesting guy, a Jack of All Arts, if you will: musician, actor, playwright and more! His political musings especially interest me, someone who really dislikes politics in general. Funny, too!

Mariposario--another Objectivist homeschooling mom. I'm indebted to her because she went and had her kids before me, decided to homeschool them, and then decided to blog some of their great ideas and activities, so that I am the beneficiary of her ideas and experience! Wasn't that nice of her? :o)

Food Allergies

I read several food allergy blogs frequently, too. It's awesome to read about others' experiences and challenges. I get great ideas for our own food allergy situation from these blogs:

Allergy News
--"All the News that Itches"--isn't that a great tagline? Leslea is an energetic writer who is up on the latest food allergy scoop. And very nice to talk to as well!

Check My Tag
--another very informative blogger, Ria has tons of ideas on her site. She has a store with products for food allergy sufferers, too.

Allergy Moms
--one of the first food allergy blogs I ever discovered. Tons of information and support.


Yes, I read lots of homeschooling blogs, too. Shocking!

ODonnellWeb--(I know, it's not a homeschooling blog!) Parent, homeschooler, Boilermaker, spouse to a type 1 diabetic: it's very eerie how much Chris and I have in common. Oh, and he's funny, too! Sometimes I'll get all fired up to rant about something and it will turn out that he's already ranted about it!

Consent of the Governed--I saw that someone already nominated Judy, but I can't help but second the nomination. Good stuff.

Entertaining Reading

Viking Conquest--the continuing story of a family on sabbatical in Norway for almost a year. Gorgeous pictures, humorous narration. I'm totally jealous of their experience. It would be so much fun to do something like that one of these years!

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Leslea from said...

Well, I'm not feeling very up on anything since I caught this flu bug (tomorrow will be one week!!!), but I thank you for the shout-out. Here's to blogging again (after all the sleeping and coughing is taken care of).

Your blog is excellent!!!