Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hooray For Funny Things

My good friend next door has just been through a hellacious 10 days. The worst is probably behind her, but she's been very stressed. I've been helping where I can--mostly by watching her kids. Yesterday all four kids were working on scraping the drought-killed grass off a hilly portion of the backyard. They call it "The Mountain of Doom," which is funny because none of these kids knows a thing about Tolkien yet!

The children ended up covered from head to toe in our beautiful, rain-slick Georgia red clay after over two hours of hard work. If you haven't had a child you are responsible for run free in wet Georgia clay and then had to clean up said child and/or its clothing, then you may be unaware that almost nothing can get that clay off of human skin or clothing. Ever. See how I help my friend? :o)

This morning my friend came by to borrow eggs (how domestic!) and for some reason we got to discussing cat poop coffee. We agreed that Funny Things in the world, such as cat poop coffee and possibly clay-covered-children, make these stressful times much easier to handle.

Cat poop coffee!

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