Friday, January 18, 2008

I Got Some Bidness

I am heading up to the cabin today, with a friend and four kids, to meet with two potential property managers. While I'm a little irritated that we are being dropped by our current company (because we are 2 miles over the county line!), I'm looking forward to seeing what else is out there. A cursory review of the contracts shows that the commission fees are the same as my current company, so I think I'll make a similar amount of money. (Some of the incidental fees are different, like cleaning and minor maintenance, but I don't think they will add up to a substantial difference.)

So I just want to get a feel for how they run their companies and exactly where they advertise and any extra things they offer. Everyone has been nice so far, but the guy from the company we are meeting with on Monday afternoon was a little strange. He asked me if Brendan was coming and when I told him that I wasn't really sure, expecting him to say something about wanting to meet both owners, he just stammered and said that he felt uncomfortable meeting with just a woman (despite the fact that a woman from his office was coming, too!) and something about "this day and age. . . ." As if we would be unable to keep our animal passions in check. Or something. I don't know. It was very strange. Needless to say, Brendan will be joining me for the Monday meeting because now I'm creeped out.

Yay for the 1-2 inches of snow not coming until tonight!


Leslea from said...

Okay, I love mountain cabins, so I had a look at your photos of fall foilage, and can I just say...WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! That is one gorgeous view!

I'm not familiar with North Georgia. Is this Blue Ridge Mountain territory, or further south? Just curious. We went to Asheville this past summer on vacation for a few days, then to Hunting Island, SC, then home. Long trip, but lots of fun. I didn't get enough of the Blue Ridge.

Monica said...

Once, when I was still a Christian, a guy I knew from church was picking me up for a bible study meeting and was really nervous because we would be alone in the car together for five minutes. While he was driving.

It's very sad that some people feel they cannot control themselves, or have to be so overtly pious about everything to show how self-righteous and supposedly wonderful they are.

Of course, what he could have meant by "this day and age" is the ridiculously litigious nature of some people, who will sue anyone just to get attention and money. Perhaps he felt you were going to accuse him of rape? Weird.

Mrs. C said...

Monica, that's what I was thinking. It's using that verse in the Bible that says we should avoid all appearance of evil and taking it to such extremes that... well... Christians such as myself would look more like Muslims, ya know.

It's legalism. Now, if they were going to be alone in the cabin for several hours overnight I could see wanting someone else there... but wow.