Thursday, January 24, 2008

Living With Food Allergies Carnival #9

Welcome to the January 24, 2008 edition of Living with Food Allergies carnival. We've got some really great ideas for you this time!


presents Honey Mustard Chicken Strips posted at The Allergic Kid. This recipe will appeal to so many kids--like mine! I love that there are pictures, too, for the, uh, cooking-challenged such as me.

Christine presents Chicken in Red Sauce: All Natural, No Sugar Added posted at Me, My Kid and Life: An American Single Mom Living in France, saying, "All natural! No milk, corn, sugar, wheat or soy!" Sounds yum!

Home Life Weekly presents How To Make Soy Milk posted at Home Life Weekly, saying, "This recipe is excellent for people who are milk and lactose intolerant." I yearn to be the kind of ambitious person who makes things like this from scratch--the recipe looks so easy that I'm confident that even I could handle it. That's saying quite a bit.

New Products

Rational Jenn presents Whey-Out Chocolate! posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "We've tried some of the Whey-Out Chocolate products and LOVED them! I had the privilege of meeting the owner and mastermind the other night. Her enthusiasm about her business really shines! She has even taken on the challenge of creating soy-free products, too--including soy lecithin. Highly recommended for chocolate freaks like me. Ryan said, and I quote, "I LOVE this chocolate! Let's get some more!" Full disclosure: this is not a paid advertisement--I'm just an impressed customer!"

The Brouhaha

If you are still irked by the Harper's Hoopla about the "myth" of food allergies, here are a couple of posts to help you feel better. Don't forget that NPR is having Dr. Hugh Sampson on their show specifically to discuss the Broussard article! The interview will be on January 31, at 12:40pm on the Leonard Lopate show.

Leslea Harmon from presents The News and Tribune - GUERILLA MOTHERING: I'm allergic to semi-humorist attacking serious subject posted at Leslea from, saying, "dealing with recent food allergy backlash." This piece really resonated with me--Leslea writes insightfully about the feelings that the Broussard piece brought up in her, and I'm sure, in many of us.

Rational Jenn presents Yes! A Doctor Speaks Out! posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "Someone more in the know than I challenges Meredith Broussard's and Harper's exaggerated claims. A must read."


At the risk of making this edition all about me me me--Leslea was kind enough to invite me on her podcast show to talk about our Life with Food Allergies. So give it a listen! (This post has many great things in it--scroll down for the interview.)

That concludes this edition. Thanks for stopping by! If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Living with Food Allergies Blog Carnival, please drop me a line at rationalREMOVEjennATgmailDOTcom. The carnival is published every other Thursday, so look for the next edition on February 7.

We need your help in another way, too--spread the word! We have lots of information that many families dealing with food allergies might be interested in. So point your friends, family, local support group, what-have-you to our carnival!

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Allergy Mom said...

Thanks so much for your hard work in putting the carnival together! Libby

Leslea from said...

Hey, it's not all about you at all--it's all about food allergies! And, readers, I still need lots of allergy moms to interview, so please get in touch.


Rational Jenn said...

I think this was a good edition and appreciate your help in promoting and participating! Hopefully we will do some good work in educating those with and without food allergies!