Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Kid Is Just Like Me

Late last night, I went in Ryan's room to check on him. His nighttime cough has improved--oh! Did I mention he has a sinus infection? So now he's on meds and things have chilled out a little. Yay for it not being asthma.

Anyway, when I went in there, he had wrapped one of his fleece blankets over the upper half of his body, including his head. There were just two little pajama'd legs sticking out. I actually had to lift him up to extricate his head from the blanket. Sure, he was fine, but I just thought he might benefit from some oxygen. You know, for fun.

He's been doing this of late, sleeping with his head buried under the covers. I asked him about this the other day and he was ready with a very matter-of-fact explanation:

"Oh, it's in case there are Bad Guys who come into the house at night. They won't be able to see me if I'm camouflaged in the blankets."

Alrighty then. I reminded him that Bad Guys weren't coming to our house, knowing it wouldn't make a difference. And it hasn't.

Then I remembered something from my own childhood--I used to sleep with the blankets over my head, too! For a similar reason--Vampires. Yup! I was convinced that if my neck wasn't showing, then any Vampires cruising by my bed in the middle of the night wouldn't be tempted to bite me. It took years for me to feel comfortable with the covers down below my neck, even after I outgrew Vampire Fears.

Anyway, I'm much more sensible now. I know from watching hours and hours of Buffy that there is absolutely no way that any hungry vampire would have been able to pass me up.


Heather said...

This is too funny!! You know, we had those horrible visions of vampires because of all those crazy scary 1930's movies they showed all the time in the 1970's of vampires and werewolves! I still sleep with the covers over my neck for the same reason!! My oldest son does the same thing as your son. He wraps the sheet around his head and neck, like a little old lady wearing a head scarf. It's the only way he'll sleep. It cracks me up!

Rational Jenn said...

It's nice to know we're not the only, ah, unusual sleepers in the world!

It was those same vampire movies that used to freak me out. My dad is a big B horror movie fan and used to watch them on Saturday afternoons--this was in the 70s. For some reason he used to let us watch them, too! The other one that scared me was the original Mummy--the part where they ripped the guy's tongue out. Other movies didn't scare me at all, like The Blob and Them (giant ants).

Thanks for stopping by!