Monday, January 07, 2008

Not Alone

I discovered that if you Google "American Community Survey" that I'm #10 on the results. Yay.

I also discovered another blogger who is protesting filling out the survey. Some of the things he has endured already (he got his in the summer, I think) are ridiculous. To be honest, I'm a little nervous about confronting the Census Bureau peopleguys face-to-face, since conflict as such has never been one of my favorite pastimes. As I wrote to a friend this morning, I'm already practicing what I will say, since it's likely that Brendan won't be home and especially since whatever happens will be witnessed by my two small children. Ugh.

Still not planning to send it in. If you check out this guy's blog, be sure to read the comments.

UPDATE: Another interesting anti-ACS site.


cathy said...

Hi, I just finished my 90 harassment cycle sponsored by the ACS extortion ring. I had 2 surveys, a reminder card and a letter reminding be to fill out the survey. Month 2 consisted of 19 phone calls from 2 CB sites. (I disconnected my answering machine but left a caller ID connected.) Month 3, 2 different field reps appeared. 1 left notes the other did not. There were 7 total visits that I knew of and 7 rep phone calls. (Didn't answer the door at all.) Also had a letter from the regional CB office introducing my field agent. From there I got a home address and knew the description of the rep's cars. Before you know it your 90 days will be up too. Remember, everything you say will be part of their data banks. Good luck!

Rational Jenn said...

Cathy, thank you for stopping by and for your story. It's encouraging to realize that others have withstood the pressure tactics and were finally left alone.

I'm pleased to say that nothing else has happened since the reminder post card, although I expect something on a daily basis. I'll be keeping everyone posted here when things do begin to heat up.

Thanks again!