Thursday, January 17, 2008

Objectivist Round Up #27!

Wow! It's been over half a year since the beginning of the Objectivist Round Up. Welcome to the second half of our first year!

Our edition today is in honor of the 302nd birthday of Benjamin Franklin--Founder, thinker, writer, inventor, and all-around cool guy. I would vote him the Founder Most Fun to Have a Beer With.

My favorite Ben Franklin story has to do with the time he almost met Edward Gibbon, the British author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. This was in France and they both happened to be staying at or visiting the same hotel (I'm writing this from memory). Franklin sent a note to Gibbon requesting to meet him, as Gibbon was very famous at the time for his book. Gibbon was a very loyal British subject and refused to meet Franklin on principle. Franklin wrote him back, accepting his decision, but then offered his services as a firsthand source should Gibbon decide to write about the decline and fall of the British Empire! Whether or not that exchange actually took place, it's indicative of Franklin's sense of humor, patriotism, and cheekiness. I like cheekiness.

And now, without further ado, the Round Up:

Paul McKeever presents two related posts: JUSTICE and "Justice" Q&A: Trades Involve Two Evaluations of Justice/Injustice, Not One posted at Paul McKeever.

T Ellis presents Abolish the Welfare State posted at evanescent, saying, "A critique of socialism in favour of capitalism and the free market."

Also, I neglected to include the following post in an earlier edition of the Round Up, so here it is:

T Eills presents What is Morality and what are ‘Rights’? posted at evanescent.

Monica presents The Flight of the Phoenix posted at Spark A Synapse, saying, "I've done precious little blogging lately, but this week I thought I'd write a review of the 1965 release of The Flight of the Phoenix, which we saw last week. I hope you'll rent and enjoy the movie!" I know I've seen this, but don't remember much about it. We love Jimmy Stewart though, so I think we'll check it out.

Flibbert presents Doctors in Trees posted at Flibbertigibbet, saying, "I got a promotion at work. WOO! But that means I've been SUPER bizzy lately and my blog has been a little bundle of suck this week. Ok. Well, maybe not completely made of suck, because there's a heavy dose of cute with the Gummibar song and Puppytown, but I think you all know what I mean. But I did manage to write something fairly coherent on the economics of the medical "brain drain" and the impact of socialized medicine on the US's economically advantageous position on the world market. (I didn't use those words, though, because that's just not how I roll.) Check it out."

Gus Van Horn presents Obama: Correct by Accident posted at Gus Van Horn. An interesting and thoughtful comparison of the animal rights policies of the president of Zimbabwe and the thoughts of US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Jenn presents And Yet Even More On Real ID at Rational Jenn. This is the latest of several posts on new driver's license requirements imposed on the states by the Department of Homeland Security. Even the few states that are opposing the legislation will have to submit, as the DHS will make it impossible for residents of those states to travel by plane beginning THIS MAY.

That concludes this edition. Thanks for stopping by! Tell your friends!

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