Thursday, January 31, 2008

Objectivist Round Up #29!

Here we are again, another week of interesting posts from Objectivist bloggers from across the blogosphere. We have quite a diverse collection this week (in other words, don't miss the giant boobies!).

Stella presents Stuck on the concretes posted at ReasonPharm, saying, "Here, I shed some light on the FDA approval process and why it's too restrictive (not that it should exist at all). Never substitute the judgment of a bureaucrat for your doctor's and your own." Stella provides some examples of how the FDA "helps" us American pharmaceutical consumers. As regular readers of my blog know, I live with two people who need life-saving or life-sustaining meds available at all times. The FDA and their silly rules drive me crazy and scare me not a little.

Gus Van Horn presents Pragmatism vs. Your Freedom and Time posted at Gus Van Horn, saying, "Read this and you'll see why people who pooh-pooh principles drive me nuts." More intriguing thoughts on voting strategies from Gus: To vote for or to vote against, that is the question.

Myrhaf presents Collectivism vs. Pseudo-Individualism posted at Myrhaf. For all their rhetoric, are conservatives really pro-individual? As Myrhaf says himself: "Conservatives talk individualist but govern collectivist. They're all hat and no cattle when it comes to individualism." A very interesting read.

Darren Cauthon presents There is no right to copy music posted at Darren Cauthon. Darren puts some of the recent RIAA controversy into context, with an illustration, too!

Flibbert presents The Price of Greater Boobularity posted at Flibbertigibbet, saying, "If you read my blog regularly, you knew that this post would be this week's carnival post, because you know how much I love market economics and ranting about idiots who just don't get it. All that said, for those of you who don't read my blog regularly, I have just one thing to offer you in this post: GIANT BOOBIES!! WOOOOOO!!!!" As the owner of the more expensive kind of boobs and having earned an MBA (which CAN be an accomplishment, honest!), I found the whole article fascinating! I am heartily in favor of price discrimination, even when it costs me more to wear a bra or go to DisneyWorld from out of state. The ensuing discussion was also very entertaining. If this article doesn't get more people thinking about economics, I don't know what will!

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the February 7 edition of objectivist round up using our carnival submission form. Tim Ellis of evanescent will be hosting the next edition--thanks!

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