Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Personal Visit From The ACS

No--they haven't come here yet. But they went to this guy's house and here is what he wrote. Apparently, they tried to tell him that he HAD to let them in his house!

Many of the commenters on the post referenced above stated that they were fine with answering the question about how many people live in the home. I don't even want to do that because I'll get to do that in 2 years when it's supposed to be done.

Hmph. I keep practicing what I'll say (I'm like that). "No thanks, I'm not interested." or "No." or "Come back with a search warrant." I can't deny that this makes me a bit nervous.

And then--while I was writing this post, one of the girls across the street rang our door bell (Girl Scout cookie time). Ryan immediately pipes up with "Come in!" I think this will be a good time to discuss door etiquette and safety issues, don't you think?

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