Friday, January 25, 2008

The Post About Telling The Kids

As I mentioned previously, we recently told Ryan and Morgan that they will be getting a new brother/sister in the summer. I was a bit apprehensive about telling Ryan, since he asks, well--demands, at least several times a week that we return the current little sister to the hospital or find her a new family to live with. (Really--they do get along most of the time!) So I was wondering how he'd take the news.

I brought out all the ultrasound pictures of Gus and they oohed and aahed and we tried to show them the few recognizable parts. Then I asked them, "Do you know who this baby is?" Nope! "Well, it's the baby that's growing inside me right now!"

Ryan stared at me for a moment, then his mouth dropped open and his eyebrows shot up. Hooray! He was excited!

Two seconds later, his eyes narrowed and he turned quickly to Brendan and said in an accusing tone, "Wait a minute! How did THAT happen?" And then proceeded to ask Brendan some very, ah, technically and anatomically accurate questions based on his knowledge of the process of creating babies. To which Brendan could only reply, "Well, yes, that's what happened."

Busted! It was too funny.

Mr. Ryan is what my friend calls a "more detail" kid. You can't just give a general answer to any of his questions and expect him to be satisfied. He needs more details and will interrogate you mercilessly until he gets the whole picture. So then I find myself having to answer questions like, "How is dirt made?" and "What color are the Bad Guy Germs inside you that make you sick?" (Because there are Good Guy white blood cells, you see, so naturally the Bad Guy germs must be a different color.) Incidentally, "I don't know" is rarely an acceptable answer.

So when he first asked, at about age 4, the question "How do babies get made?" he just wasn't happy with my initial answer: "Well, there's a daddy part called sperm and a mommy part called an egg and they join up together and grow into a baby in a special place inside mommy's belly." What's the special place called? Where is it? Can I see it? How long does it take to grow a baby? How does the sperm get made? How does the sperm get inside mommy? You mean, it sprays out? (He inferred this last on his own!)

I'm just sayin'.

It's actually nice that he wants all this information now--when I was a child, the mommy part-daddy part answer sufficed for a loooong time and by the time I wanted more information, my parents were too embarrassed to give me the details, which is a shame. We aren't as inclined to be embarrassed about these things as our parents were anyway, but knowing that he already pretty much knows everything is nice. Cross it off the list. He knows all about menstrual cycles, too. I'm sure by the time this baby is born he will know all about how the babies get out--well, the ones who come out the sun roof that is. This will be my 3rd c-section.

And if I know Ryan, he'll 'splain everything to Morgan (and the neighbor kids and grandma and the lady at the grocery store and the obstetrician and anyone who will listen). My work here is done. :o)

And the cutest thing of all--after we had our big discussion about just exactly how this baby got to growing inside me--he donned his Doctor Peopleguy uniform and grabbed his medical kit and gave me an examination. I could have just eaten him up, it was so adorable. And he asks me every day how my baby is doing and claims he can feel it kick (which he can't, since I've only felt it once or twice and even then I'm not entirely certain).

So all in all, success!

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Charlie said...

Sunroof? That is frickin' hilarious.

Though I'm not looking forward to trying to interpret Ryan's discourse on baby-making for the 4 year old. She hasn't asked yet, and I don't think I'm up for much more than "mommy parts and daddy parts" yet.