Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes They Scare Me

First of all, see how much I'm getting ready to leave for our trip?!?!?! What with all this blogging today, you'd never know I've completed 4 loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, given the kids baths and have already begun packing, would you? Why am I not this productive every day? I think it has something to do with having a deadline.

So anyway, Morgan has this puzzle, and it's one of her favorites, even though I haven't seen her play with it in some weeks. She noticed a few of the letters under my desk and said to me, "I want the letters for bird."

She started digging around and picking out letters, so I said, "Well, what letters do you use to spell bird?"

And she said, truly! "i, b, r, d."

And she grabbed those letters, and only those letters, and trotted off into the family room. I followed her, thinking that she already had the puzzle out and came looking for letters (because the letters are scattered all over the house, you know). Nope! She stood there with "i, b, r, d" in hand while I pulled the puzzle off the shelf and helped her find the bird picture.

What a good memory she has! You just never know what these people will come up with next.

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