Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Break

I took a (mostly intentional) break from blogging over the weekend. See? I told you I can stop if I really, really want to! I've got several things I'm working on and hope to get them posted in the next couple of days.

We had a very productive weekend (coincidence? hmmmm.....). I helped a friend with some stressful things she must deal with and then got the house picked up pretty well. Not that you could tell if you walked in here at this very moment--I keep telling myself that I'll miss the mess when they're grown!

Yesterday, we drove up to the cabin and took down the holiday decorations. It was a short and sweet visit, with our short and sweet little people, who were vexed that we wouldn't be having a Vacation. I'm glad we de-decorated though--can you believe we have renters interested in going up later this week? I had completely written off January and February. Don't know if they'll take it for sure, but it's nice to know there's interest. And I think we're going to have to get the hot tub heater replaced soon, since the only negative feedback we ever get is about how long it takes the hot tub to heat up. I knew we had the wimpy heater, but I don't want people to avoid our cabin in the future due to that. I have NO IDEA how hot tubs work or how much these things cost or where to start looking for a hot tub repair peopleguy up in North Georgia. But that's one of the fun things about my job--I get to figure it out! And by the time we're done with it, I'll know more about hot tubs than I ever did and I won't have to learn it ever again.

Then we came home and watched the football playoffs. which is always, you know, mildly interesting to me. I spent a while getting organized and figuring out what I need to get done this week. Ryan has a suspicious cough that might need to be looked at. I hate going to the pediatrician in the winter so I'm hoping they can just give me advice over the phone. But probably not. It's a nighttime/running around kind of cough, and I am a bit nervous about asthma. He's always had breathing issues and we even owned an inhaler at one point in his life, but since the Big Peanut Kaboom, he hasn't had nearly the problems he used to. And of course we want to avoid asthma--is that even avoidable?--because that just makes things worse for him, anaphylaxis-wise. So I think we might be headed to the pediatrician's today. Oh well, somebody's got to get an early start on the 2008 deductible! Hope we get one of the docs we like.

Okay, off to get a start of the First Real Actual Regular Day of 2008!

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