Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where I Write About My Weekend

We had kind of a strange weekend. Nice, but strange.

First, the snow. Which was fun, but unusual. The kids were very excited and I enjoyed realizing how much easier my life is without snow. Talk about mud and icy wetness in the house! Ryan kept trying to toss the (poor?) cat outside in the snow. He finally got the hint after the 28th time she ran quickly back inside: the kitty is NOT into snow. That's why she chose to be a Georgia cat.

Here is a picture of the kids with the "snowma'am" (Morgan's word) that they Brendan built. It's sort of a hobbit-sized snowman, and depending on which child you ask, its name is either "Frosty" or "Ryan." (I report; you decide.) We visited it today (it's at Brendan's office) and it is decidedly slanted, so I've decided its name should be "The Leaning Snowman of Pisa." But nobody asked me. Note the socks on their hands instead of mittens--where is that lady from the grocery store when I'm really neglecting my kids?

We watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with Ryan last night, as he and Brendan have just finished up reading the book. He enjoyed it very much, despite the creepy dementors. We are going to stop reading the HP books to him for a while, since they become increasingly complicated and sad things happen which we are pretty sure he isn't ready to face. We debated about Prisoner of Azkaban for quite awhile before we decided to go for it. There were a few parts that were a bit stressful for him, but really he understands all the time-shifting stuff and can keep the Good Guy/Bad Guy list straight in his mind, which as you know (or should!), is not quite as straightforward in this book as in the others.

Brendan and I watched Serenity after Ryan went to bed and it is AWESOME on the Big Wall. Seriously, you need to ditch your TV and use the wall instead. Do it now.

After the movie, or actually, in the middle of the movie, I got tired and sleepy and planned to sleep sleep sleep all night long. Couldn't wait. Sadly for me, Morgan decided to wake up at 3:19am and be all freaking out and inconsolable, despite the appearance of the ever-coveted "Daddy." So she and I ended up downstairs, watching The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (yes, on The Big Wall!) until 7:30 when she finally, finally passed out on the couch. Turns out the kid had gas. But you'd think, wouldn't you, that when you ask a child who is precociously capable of speech and comprehension, if you ask her, nay--beg her, to tell you if she has an ouch in her tummy, that she'd bloody well just say "yes" or similar to indicate something useful that you can do to make her go. to. sleep. I dunno. I just work here.

I went to bed at 7:30 and approximately 5 minutes later I woke up and it was after 10:30! I really need one of those time-turners that Hermione had. So I've been in a funky fog all day. I think we had lunch; I know I paid some bills; there was whining. Other than that, I have no clue where the day went.

At 6:00 I went to a restaurant to have dinner with some of the other women who have joined the local food allergy support group. It was lots of fun to meet other food allergy moms (hello!). You've never seen a group of people happier to be at a Chinese restaurant, let me tell you! One of the women I was sitting near wants to do pizza next time, because her child is milk-allergic and she never gets pizza! I hope we get to do that, because Chinese food is such a treat for me. It would totally bite not to get to eat pizza. Ryan's peanut allergy is seriously bad and peanut is the food allergen most responsible for fatalities; but I have a great appreciation for how much easier our lives are since we are only avoiding a very narrow range of foods (peanuts and tree nuts). So many people have to deal with the milk and egg thing and that just has to suck.

Oh, and we told Ryan about his new baby sister/brother today. But that story warrants a post all to itself, because it is HI-larious. To sum up: he's excited. So that's nice.

Tomorrow, we're headed back up to the cabin again to meet with the one property manager who canceled on Friday at the last minute and the other property manager who doesn't want to be alone with me because, you know, he has boy parts and I have girl parts. Or something like that. The property manager we did meet on Friday was meh, so I'm hoping we meet a winner tomorrow.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I grew up in the snowy midwest, coming of age during the blizzards of '76 and '77. Socks on the hands were acceptable substitutes for mittens in March when all mittens had disappeared into a black hole somewhere between home and school.

But in Georgia, I am guessing that socks on the hands are perfectly appropriate even in January, given the frequency with which it snows.

This is just the long way of saying that I still don't think you need the busybody from the grocery store!

And "Frosty" or "Ryan" looks very healthy! Do you have an "old silk hat" hiding out anywhere?

Happy Snow Day!

Rational Jenn said...

I lived in Indiana during that famous blizzard! The snow drifts were as high as our house!

I guess my kids think that you are supposed to wear socks on your hands because today they both asked for an extra pair for just that purpose! They do sell mittens and gloves in Georgia but the last few winters have been so mild that I've never bothered. Now that we are heading up to Boston next weekend, I will invest in some actual true mittens! Might even get some for myself while I"m at it!

They are so proud of their snowman and he is still standing (leaning) from what I understand. Oh, they'll be sad when he melts though.

We did have a fun snow day--from the pictures on your blog, you get them very frequently! Loved the rabbit pics, by the way.