Saturday, January 19, 2008


One of the things I love about Georgia is that we really do get all four seasons--a fresh, beautiful spring, a super-hot summer, gorgeous foliage in the fall, and even a little bit of winter. While it doesn't snow every year, we usually see at least one dusting of white. And then it melts and goes away. There is no such thing as a yucky gray slushy mid-March in Georgia. And that is why we live here.

It's snowing for the second time this week and it's good snowball snow, wet and sticky. The kids are playing in the backyard and loving it. Morgan just slid down the snowy slide. An advantage to choosing diapers today--insulated tookus. Ryan is on an "exploring mission" and is leaving footprint trails all over the yard.

These two snowfalls have helped me plan for our Boston trip in a week. The kids need mittens for sure. We have been successful at layering sweaters and coats for maximum cozy dryness, but we need to figure out something to do with their little wet legs. Maybe we can borrow some snowpants from our Northern friends.

I'm feeling all domestic and I have a strong suspicion that cookies will be baked and eaten in this house today.


Charlie said...

It has been determined by the four year old that the one absolute tradition after playing in the snow is.... hot cocoa.

Even before we finish playing in the snow, the questions start:

"Can we have hot cocoa?"

"Can we?"

"Hey dad! When we get inside, can we have...?"

In fact, it's the very same milk + microwave + Ovaltine that the kids get most every day. But for some reason, it takes on special significance after playing outside in the snow, and it magically becomes "hot cocoa".

Rational Jenn said...

That's so funny--snow is a rare occurrence 'round these parts, yet somehow my people know to ask for hot chocolate the second they come in the house! How did they know that? Osmosis?

So we made our hot milk + Ovaltine + marshmallow concoction, too! It was yum.