Monday, February 11, 2008

Dude Where's My Garbage Can?

This has been a Monday. In addition to a whole bunch of cabin-related business (check out our new website, by the way!), a girl who is potty training (but can only remember if she is naked), and regular stuff like laundry and bills, I had to spend time on the phone with our Garbageman Peopleguys, because somebody stole our garbage can last Thursday or Friday!

Why in the world would someone want a used up stinky old garbage can? The peopleguys track which houses they are supposed to go to, and each can is numbered, so it's not like someone can coast by on free garbage service for long. Our garbage service is relatively free from government interference. There are several companies competing for business in our area, so it's not as if there's one company for our whole neighborhood as it was up north. There are at least three companies and they all know which homes have paid them and which haven't.

What a pain. People are weird.


Qwertz said...

Do not get me started on garbageman peopleguys.

The garbageman peopleguys at my mother's house are positively the *worst* garbageman peopleguys in all of Key Midwestern Swing State. They're supposed to take everything that gets left out for them, but they're lazy. If it weighs more than 10 pounds, or isn't in a black (black only! No white allowed!) plastic bag, they won't take it. If the bag isn't in a can, they won't take it. They throw the cans around and smash the flowers.

They got upset after my mother complained about them not taking the stuff they're supposed to take and actually broke the little gate into the little garbage paddock where she keeps the cans. Ripped it right off the fence.

On those odd occasions where she has to dispose of something that requires extra payment and an advance appointment, they invariably fail to show up for the appointment and the stuff sits there for *weeks*.

And they don't come on holidays and they don't make up missed days, so if your garbage day happens to fall on Christmas, you end up with triple holiday trash because of Christmas and New Year's. Which gets really bad because they won't take it unless it's in a can, and after three weeks of garbage, you've well run out of cans.

And the best part is, of course, that the city runs the garbage, and you're not allowed to hire a competitor. They're supported by property taxes, and my mother lives in the city with the highest property taxes (%) in all of Key Midwestern Swing State. What a rip-off! I'm sure my mother would be positively verdant with envy over your competitive options.


Rational Jenn said...

It is so refreshing to have competition for this service, because most places I've lived it's been awful. My mother-in-law lives in Chicago and had to deal with a garbage strike in the middle of the summer a few years ago. They also have weird arbitrary rules, like black trash bags, up there, too.

I like that we can pick and choose, and we've changed companies once or twice, in order to save money. Many people in my neighborhood had a terrible service experience with another company (one we didn't use) and so they all left that company at the same time.

It's cool--our current company is giving us a new can, free of charge!