Monday, February 25, 2008

A Few Random Items Of Possible Interest

After quite a rocky beginning to our day--Morgan hasn't been sleeping very well and I'm beginning to suspect another ear infection--I'm now trying to get a handle on our busy week. I'm still sick, but on the mend. I just found out that one of our next door neighbors now has pneumonia resulting from this cold, so I really lucked out.

Being off my game for a week really wreaks havoc on our routines, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm behind on many things, little and big, and I've got to take some GTD time today to figure out my priorities.

We're not going to Florida this week; instead, Brendan will be flying down Wednesday for one night. Makes more financial sense for one thing, plus Brendan's grandmother is really not well enough to have the kids as visitors just now. I'm happy he gets to go see her, but somewhat dreading my 24 hours with a sick/non-sleeping girl, pregnancy hormones, and no parental back up. I know, I know, it's just for one night and lots of people do it all the time by themselves. But I'm feeling kind of wimpy just at the moment! It's the profound and cumulative lack of sleep talking.

In more cheerful news, Ryan is going to take a chess class at the Georgia Enrichment Program. It starts next week. He's apprehensive about me not being in the room with him every minute--but it's the kind of set up where the moms are not supposed to leave the premises anyway. There's a big area for us to hang out with the littler kids. So I think I'll do a bunch of checking in with him the first time or two, then I think he'll chill. I'm looking forward to our family participating in more GA-EPH classes in the future--they offer great classes and it's completely secular, too.

One of the requirements for joining Diana's OActivists list is that I must write about something pertaining to Objectivism in a non-Objectivist medium (blogs, letter to the editor, etc.) at least once every 6 months. Pretty easy requirements, eh? And--I've already done it once! You wanna know where? Well, there's an online petition that's beginning to get a lot of attention by our state officials. The petition is to repeal the Sunday Prohibition Blue Laws that we have here in Georgia. Yes, we still have those--stores can't sell beer, wine, hard liquor, or even cooking sherry on Sundays 'round these here parts. Now you can go to a restaurant that serves food and order a bunch of drinks and then drive yourself home. Because that makes sense. (Some counties have chosen to be even more restrictive, but I won't get into that.)

Anyway, I signed the petition, even though I'm not at all crazy about their "after 12:00 noon" concession to the anti-alcohol Puritanical types--and left a quotation from Ayn Rand as my comment. I think that might count as some OActivism, although I will check to make sure. Anyway, I'm glad they are seeing such an explosion of support, since our governor and other "leaders" seem to think that there is a very small and rather alcoholic group who wants this law repealed and the entire rest of the state spends all day Sundays at church like they're supposed to. Since I signed it last night, there have been 2,000 more signatories--it's up to over 36,000 right now. I hope it continues to gain publicity and signatures--sure, there are way more important things in the world to fight against, but I think this might be worth a moment or two of time to support.

Well, there's more, including a write up of our night at the Train Museum and the kids getting to sit inside the real train, but I need to go for now.


Diana said...

Jenn -- That sounds like a petition worthy of support, even if it doesn't go far enough. (Colorado has some nutty blue laws too. Apparently, God doesn't like people to buy cars on His Day.) Your signature and comment definitely counts as "OActivism."

Rational Jenn said...

Hey Diana! Thanks for stopping by. I AM eager to be able to buy alcohol on Sundays, even if I have to wait until noon. The incident with the cooking sherry was really too much. Also, the law is just stupid! The petition is up over 40,000 signatures.

Go OActivism!