Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Girl Child

My friend came over this afternoon with her brood of boys (four at last count!). It was very loud and exuberant around here for several hours, with Star Wars on The Big Wall (our guests were impressed) and sword fights and chase scenes and knights and armies. Just like Ryan on a regular day, only increased by 400%. Maybe even a bit more so, because my Ryan is a shortie and my friend's kids are on the tall side, in a several standard deviations from the mean kind of way.

And then, I took the boys from next door, thus increasing our Boy Count to seven. Seven boys.

One little girl. Who is also the youngest.

She is a funny little person--she does just what she wants and is not really perturbed by all those guys. Sometimes she plays with them--usually in a one-on-one situation--but mostly she just does her own thing. A Leapster game. Pouring water into cups. A puzzle or two.

She can be energetic and wiggly (that's mostly for restaurants) and loud when she wants to. But it's . . . just not in the same way my boy is. She will run and climb and build and shout and conquer and fight as the need arises, but mostly she's a serene little thing, playing with her stuffed doggies, or insisting that I read one more book.

And now she's getting a brother! I'm glad she has one good girl friend at least!

By the way, not to jinx anything, but . . . while all this boisterousness (pun intended) was going on around her like a hurricane today: she kept her underpants dry! I think she may have graduated into the realm of the potty-trained! I'm trying not to get too excited, but by George, I think she's got it. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain . . .

All of this today--and the poor kid has a double ear infection. What a gal.

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