Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Interesting Use Of The Word Peanut

This just happened today. Evidently, the word peanut has now become quite the insult in our house. As in:

I'm not going to talk to you--you're like peanuts!


Mooommmmm! He (she) thinks I'm a peanut!

If you call or compare someone to peanuts, I guess that means you are telling him that he makes you sick? He could kill you? He is poison? Or maybe he might just cause your tongue to swell up and hives to erupt all over your body? Errr?

I actually think this is really funny. When I first heard the peanut-related smear tactics, I was very, very tempted to tell the injured-party-of-the-microsecond to "Pay no attention to the Peanut Gallery!"

But I think that would have just zoomed right on past their heads. And then I would have had to 'splain. And I was too busy laughing to do any good kind of 'splaining.

Just a little food allergy humor! Those of you in similar circumstances--has this ever happened at your house?

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