Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Got Me

Well, I'm sick--but so far I don't think it's flu. If it's flu, it's the slowest onset of flu I've ever had. I don't feel all that bad really, but I'm waaaay tired (among other things).

Still, I managed to drag myself to the doctor for yet another scheduled ultrasound, since Gus did not cooperate fully 2 weeks ago. My People do not cooperate in utero; I get that now. Anyway, everything is hunky dory and it was so amazing to see what a difference 2 weeks makes. He is so much bigger and his features were more defined. And he's definitely a boy. With Ryan, I never had confidence in the ultrasound, but this time--boy.

Ryan and Morgan came with me to the appointment and they were very interested. The ultrasound tech is my favorite and she was so nice to them. She showed them the wand (or whatever it's called) with the gel on it and explained to them what she was doing to me and kept talking to them and asking them questions. Ryan was fascinated with the entire process. Morgan was chilly at first--she had that suspicious air about her that young children get when strangers are Doing Something to Mommy. It was very sweet. But she eventually thawed and I couldn't get either one of them to hush for more than 10 seconds at a time. The ultrasound tech thoughtfully gave them each their very own picture of Gus. They were thrilled!

We did other things today that mostly involved me working the DVD controls. Yay. :o)

Almost time to get the People in bed and I plan to go there myself once they are settled. Good night!

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