Sunday, February 17, 2008

It Was Nothing

Would you like to know what I did this weekend?  Well, I'll tell you, borrowing the immortal words of Peter from Office Space: "I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be."  


We've really been busy the last few weeks, well--how about months, around here.  We haven't had a truly free weekend in ever so long.  A day or two here and there, but that's about it.  Sometimes I think I really need to sit around and do some Nothing for a stretch in order to recharge and get ready to continue with my master plan of taking over the world before it takes me over.  Here's some of the Nothing we did this weekend:

  • Worked some more on potty-training the little girl--she's really there, but I have discovered that I'm slow to realize that she still might need a gentle reminder from time to time.  It's not even been a week.  She's doing wonderfully, though.
  • Puzzles and computer games and Sudoku (Morgan and Ryan and me)
  • Brendan chose to use his downtime working on his fabulous car, as he attempted to change out the stereo himself after the peopleguys told him they would charge him about a zillion bucks to do it.  Brendan has steadfastly and extremely patiently worked on this project for the last couple of weeks, and hardly even said a bad word when it became clear that it was not going to be feasible to change the stereo and just began to reinstall the old one.  Little peopleguys helped him out immensely.  Sometimes, they actually helped!
  • Read email and blogs and news stuff until my butt acquired the shape of my chair.  Aaaaahhhh.
  • Watched Star Wars about 4 times.  Only Episode IV, as the next two movies are emotionally traumatic for my little guy.
  • Mulled over which cute little outfits I will get for the kids when I take them to the photographer to get their pictures taken with real live bunnies.
  • The kids decided which birthday cakes they'll have.  Their birthdays are still a little ways off, but I have learned through bitter experience that it's best to obtain the cake pans way in advance.  Morgan will have a pink and purple teddy bear (unless she really really wants Hello Kitty at the last minute).  She's having a "party" at Build A Bear at the mall, so I thought a teddy bear would be cute.  Ryan eventually decided on Darth Vader.  It's not like him to choose a Bad Guy, but he is Star Wars-obsessed and I guess he doesn't really care for R2D2 or C-3PO, which were our Good Guy options.  By the way, Morgan refers to C-3PO as P-PPO.  Well I think that's cute!
  • We had a super-dee-dooper mega large enormously exciting thunderstorm here today.  No hail or tornadoes thankfully, so it was just lots of severe thunderstorm fun without the severe thunderstorm danger or cleanup.

There were some other big Nothing things, too, but I'm unable to recall just what exactly they were.  I think that's how you know that you did a Big Weekend of Nothing right.  Tomorrow, and for the rest of the week, I will get lots and lots of Important Somethings accomplished.  Promise.*

*If I don't get sick.  A couple of close friends--the kind who we hang out in person with quite frequently--have each separately contracted the flu.  So--won't that be fun?  Oh well--nothing to be done about it--if we get it, we get it.        

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Wow. Your "nothing" is another woman's "something."
I also did "nothing" this weekend. Bruce and N. were off at a Boy Scout Campout at Angel Fire. So I took long walks with the dogs, read the second book of His Dark Materials a.k.a. The Subtle Knife, read blogs and slept late. Nothing! It's so wonderfully and delightfully something I rarely do.