Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kendall J writes about reading The Journals of Ayn Rand:

I was always in awe of Rand's writing as finished work, thinking it so perfectly composed and flawless, but a bit intimidating, as though it came from some superhuman being, springing perfectly formed from her mind. The Journals humanize Rand, not to bring her "down a notch" but to show how superlatively rational and tenacious she is, how brilliance does not spring forth fully formed, but rather manifests itself in the tenacious drive to think, connect, integrate, edit, chew and refine until it is perfectly formed.

How well-written is that? I think Kendall hits on a common misunderstanding about Ayn Rand--that her brilliance made her. and therefore her writings and philosophy, inaccessible to the "average" person. When I first picked up her novels back in high school, I was in awe. I was a little intimidated. Now I understand that her ideas really are for "regular" people, for anyone who is willing to think, rationally and honestly.

I must now go get this book and devour it.

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Monica said...

We have it and I've been meaning to read it for some time. Someday!