Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh Dear

Didya know there's gonna be something called Earth Hour, where lots of cities around the world are going to shut off their lights (or the power completely?) as a way to make people aware of global warming? (via Neal Boortz) Earth Hour will take place from 8pm to 9pm on March 29th. What's next--no power at all on Earth Day?

Atlanta is participating, which I find extremely odd, because we are usually behind other "progressive" cities in the country in this kind of activist stuff. Why, we are not even required to recycle! (I do love The South.)

Energy is not a scarce resource here in Atlanta (unlike water). We pay for it--although the markets are so heavily regulated as to be virtually free of market influence. Here's an idea! If activists want to encourage people to use less energy, they should work toward deregulating the industry. When (if) the electricity and gas prices rise, I guaran-damn-tee that people will use less of it. Save the oil fields! Deregulate!

One of my friends, Martin, suggested that we protest this inane Earth Hour with a Power Hour. This would be a great way to protest the inanity of such measures. Since our lights are on at all times anyway (thanks to little people tall enough to reach the switches), it won't be difficult for us to participate. If you see a house blazing up like Christmas on March 29th, stop by for a drink! We'll be having a party! Bring extra incandescent lightbulbs, too--unless you are hoarding them for later, after they become illegal.


david said...

Oh, this is absolutely brilliant: let’s all turn off the lights for an hour to show how concerned we are about global warming! Geez. This ranks right up there with Live Aid, which completely eliminated famine and disease from Africa, or Hands Across America, which succeeded in…um…something Very Important, I guess.

And didja notice the reason given for this inanity? So that we can “…take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced…”

Gee, hyperbole much?

Me, I’m going to turn on every single damn appliance, light, and fixture that I can during that hour. I like your idea of calling it the "Power Hour!"

Monica said...

"Bring extra incandescent lightbulbs, too--unless you are hoarding them for later, after they become illegal."

Indeed! Where others see the irrationalities of government regulation, some see an opportunity in black market lightbulbs. YAY!