Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quote Of The Moment

I really liked this thought from Gus Van Horn, in his post called Religion vs Nanotechnology:

Science, as I have noted numerous times in the past, is not a worldview and cannot, dependent as it is on certain underlying philosophical principles, provide a philosophical alternative to religion.

Yes. This is a common error--science versus religion. The same kind of error underlies that tendency by the MSM or pseudo-philosophers to lump all atheists together as a philosophical or even political "movement," as if having a common view concerning the existence of a deity or deities somehow unites us philosophically.

Just thought that was an interesting observation.


piscesgrrl said...

And how about homeschoolers? We get lumped in together and frankly, I've yet to meet two of us the same. Even my unschooling friends and I differ in some key areas.

MamaJen said...

Hmmm...the same way that some people seem to lump all religious people together (calling us all "evil, Bible-thumping men", among other insults, according to Gus Van Horn), despite how different we can be?

For instance - an article Mr. Van Horn references in the post of his you point to, refers to Christian Scientists as a "mainstream movement" - which is laughable. (See and ) Best estimates, as far as I can tell, there are around 100,000 Christian Scientists in the world in 1997, compared to, for instance, the largest Christian denomination - well over 1 billion Catholics world-wide, currently. Any movement which is around 0.001% of the largest Christian "denomination" is *not* what I would call "mainstream"! And to say that Christian Scientists and Catholics have much of anything in common is a terrible error!

I actually agree with a fair amount of what you, and the referenced article by Mr. Van Horn, says. Science vs. religion need not be an adversarial relationship, and making it so is a common mistake made by many, both in the MSM and in some Christian and other religious denominations. But as a devoutly religious, college-trained scientist, I will tell you that completely separating science from philosophy, or religion, is misguided, if not impossible!