Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday Update

Here's how I've spent my Super Tuesday:

  • Playing with my kids and working on the cabin business and working on a stupid Home Owner's Association problem (more later maybe on this stupid stupidity).
  • Thinking about my next homeschooling article and a food allergy idea.
  • Reading other blogs and leaving comments.
  • Going to a super cool new playground just a couple miles from my house with my friend and discovering lots more friends there, too.
  • Enjoying the 71 degree day. (I know!!!!)
  • Basking in the unfamiliar feeling of having done all of the laundry except for that final load that's in the dryer (which, of course, I plan to leave there for several days).

I haven't decided if I'm going to vote yet. I just . . . don't know. I see that Daryl's Man Huck won WV though. That's nice for him.

How has your Super Tuesday been? I hope it's been swell.

Oh, check out the latest Carnival of Homeschooling. Might mosey on over there myself and do a bit of reading.


Monica said...

Also basking in the feeling of all laundry done except towels in the dryer (which will stay there for awhile)!

Spent my day getting the BF off to work (made his lunch, morning coffee, and removed a foot of snow from his jeep while taking the dog out for her morning pee).

Blogged a bit.

Worked a bit.

Took an early afternoon walk with the dog.

Spent massive amounts of time this afternoon planning my birthday ski vacation in Steamboat Springs: looking for things to do and good deals on accomodations and lift tickets. (craiglist rocks!) Think we might go for a winter horseback ride (Robb has never been on a horse) or a dogsled tour. In addition to skiing and enjoying the hot springs, of course!

Now going back to work... I can't think of anything else that will generally allow me to avoid work for the next couple of hours. Bah.

michelle said...

You're not sure if you're voting or not??? I've been reading your blog for a month or so and I'm shocked! I assumed you would vote for the candidate most likely to leave you alone and not steal your tax dollars.

Rational Jenn said...

Monica, sounds like you had a fun day!

Michelle, welcome! You're right--I would totally vote for some who will leave me alone and not take my money. I really wish someone just like that was running for President!

Rational Jenn said...

And by "some" I of course mean "someONE." Crazy typing fingers....

Anonymous said...

Did ya' vote? I'm watching now and Huckabee's closing in on McCain in GA...

You voted for Huckabee after all, didn't you. That's what's sending his percentages up. You had a change of heart -- found Jesus at the new playground or in the laundry in the dryer and think that The Christer and his back-up singers, The Almighty Saviors, should be butting into your life even if the government should not. OR that the government should be an extended arm (on a cross???) of Jesus. And Huckabee is just the man to bring you that spiritual intrusion brought to you by the whooshing sound of your Rights as the fly on by!

Yep -- admit it...you voted for Huckabee!


michelle said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. I find we have a lot in common. I'm a homeschooling, pregnant mom of 2 girls with food allergies, soon to be 3 (kids. hopefully not 3 kids with allergies). I despise the liberal "nanny state", government steals all my money (taxes), mentality (I live in Canada...yikes).