Friday, February 29, 2008

Where I Write A Post In Honor Of Leap Day

I love Leap Day, because it's a special, relatively rare, calendar anomaly. I especially loved Leap Day in 2000, since it was one of the '00' years where Leap Day is used. Now if I can just meet someone born on Leap Day in person, to add them to my birthday collection!

We began our Leap Day in a stupor from being up half the night with a screaming Morgan, followed by a visit to the pediatrician. Another ear infection, poor thing. Yay for Good Guy Medicine to pow the Bad Guy Germs. But later, we all felt better enough to get together with friends--for the first time in weeks, since we all took turns being sick. It was fun, although I'm pretty tired. The kids really enjoyed playing inside and out, running around like maniacs, and ripping more holes in the knees of pants (that would be Ryan). I enjoyed catching up with my friends, too, although we didn't do so much running ourselves.

I hope you had a nice Leap Day, too. Actually, if you are cooler and hipper than I (and you probably are!), then you are most likely out tonight doing some fun Leap Day Night thing. So have a glass of wine for me!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Ours was weird. That means we had a weird schedule. I had an early meeting at the Med School about Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral NIMH grants. Then a meeting with my minor advisor at which she forgot my folder and I forgot my IRB packet. Then home, to get ready for Shabbat, but dh called and said we were invited special to 6 PM services to honor us for our volunteer work for Interfaith Hospitality Network. Sigh. So no real Shabbat last night.

I hope the "Bad-Guy Germs" are downed really, really quick.