Saturday, February 23, 2008


We have our first rental through our new property management company! And in February, too!

Taking advantage of our lull time due to switching management companies, we made some improvements to the cabin--most importantly, we had the hot tub rewired for maximum warmingness. Not as expensive as you might think, but not inexpensive either. I think it was absolutely necessary for attracting customers and especially returning customers. I still need to get some new sheets and little things and run them up there.

I also added a bunch of pictures to our VRBO website, where we have been advertising since we got the cabin, since the previous owners had it already set up. Adding pictures moved us to almost the top of the list when a search on "Georgia-Blue Ridge" is done. I've seen a dramatic increase in hits on that site in the two weeks since I made that change. Additional photos are not free, but again I think it will be worth it.

With the spring break season upon us (many school systems in metro-Atlanta start absurdly early in August and end in mid-May), I'm hopeful we'll be booked for some long weekends here and there until the big rental season begins with Memorial Day Weekend.

I am so excited. I was content with our previous company, but I think we are going to be in a much better position with our current company. The owners are very focused on looking at these rental cabins as a "business" that is supposed to "make money" so of course I loved that! I think they like having owners who take the same approach. Some owners are not really concerned with making a profit--they just like to have some rentals on the side to help with the bills, and mostly use their cabins for their own pleasure. Which is great if that's the way you want it, because it is very nice up there. However, while we love going up there to use it ourselves, I'd rather rent it out and have the money. I'm in it for the investment. :o)

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