Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There are only 100 days until Baby arrives. Unless he comes sooner, that is. But no more than 100 days left.

I have so much to do! I have made great progress in sorting through the baby clothes and I'm loving this nesting instinct--coincides with spring cleaning.

One thing I think I'm going to do is rearrange our pantry so that the kid-friendly food is within Ryan's easy reach. He's been getting himself and Morgan breakfast lately, something I want to encourage, well, forever. But certainly while we're all getting adjusted to a new baby.

Because I'm going to need help, all the help I can get. So I sure want to make it as easy as possible for the older two to be self-sufficient, a virtue that Ryan is finally beginning to take an interest in! And I'm going to look around for other ways to make this independence easier to achieve (ideas welcome!).

100 days!

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