Friday, March 28, 2008

Afternoon Delight

No, not that! I mean a quick little post from me! How lovely, no? :o)

I'm waiting for the Carpet Cleaner Peopleguy to come and work some mojo with our nasty carpets. Once we get him set up, we'll head next door for some playtime. And then, tonight, my friend MamaJen and I are going to meet up with a friend of ours from high school who will be in town with her family for just one night! Actually, she's a friend of MamaJen's from elementary school or something--I only moved up there (Michigan) our Junior year of high school. It will be fun to see her, and hopefully, they'll get into town early enough that we'll all get to bring our kids--a grand total of 10, that would be!

If you haven't been following Celebrity Apprentice--and I haven't, what with The Importance of Buffy taking television precedence over all--you may not be aware that country music singer Trace Adkins got second place! And he was playing for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, so we are all excited that he did so well and that he was successful in raising awareness of the seriousness of food allergies. His 6 year old daughter is allergic to peanuts, just like my Ryan. I've seen clips of the show where Mr. Adkins talks about life with food allergies, and it's kind of hard to watch, given my hormonal state these days. Suffice it to say that his family and mine are in the same position. So I'm happy he made it so far and was such a fine representative for the food allergy community.

There is another way for everyone to donate a little bit extra to FAAN--for two weeks only, you can buy one of Trace Adkins's songs off of iTunes. For only 99 cents, you get a song, and FAAN gets a donation. So if you're into country music at all, or interested in supporting FAAN, be sure to check this out! From the Celebrity Apprentice website:

Celebrity Apprentice Finalist, Trace Adkins, will be performing his hit single, "You're Gonna Miss This" live with his band during the finale. For two weeks only, you can download the charity single exclusively at iTunes.

All proceeds for the entire two weeks lifespan of the download will go to Trace's chosen charity, FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network). FAAN is the largest charity in the world dedicated to helping and advocating for the 12 million who suffer from food allergies.

And here is the link to the song. And spread the word!


Darren said...

I watched the Apprentice this season, and you're right about Trace Adkins. He did a great job showing how people are affected by severe food allergies. Though I had some idea of it from reading your blog (but I usually don't click through the Food Allergy carnival links), I was still surprised to hear about exactly how serious the condition can be. Before hearing about his situation Before the show I probably fell into the group of people who would roll their eyes when hearing a story about a school banning peanut butter or something like that, but now I know that it's no joke.

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks, Darren. It's understandable that people think there is more hype than fact with the peanut allergy (especially when we get "help" from idiot journalists, but I digress).

The tricky part is that you just don't know and can't count on how severe any given reaction could be. I've read stories about people with "mild" allergies who only ever had a tickle in their throat who were one day killed outright by their allergy. My son's reaction was moderate--he was having trouble breathing, hives everywhere, etc. His next ingestion reaction (whenever that might be) could be the same, milder, or a million times worse.

The whole thing really sucks! But I'm encouraged by much of the research taking place. There has been a great deal of success with building up a tolerance to peanut and egg (similar to allergy shots) and while that's not a cure, it could certainly mitigate an accidental exposure.

Thanks for stopping by. Means a lot.