Friday, March 07, 2008


It's Daylight "Savings" Time this weekend? I completely forgot that they changed the dates. I seem to remember from last year that the point of moving it earlier was to supposedly encourage people to use less energy, but it didn't. DST is so dumb. Can we just be done with this fooling around with the clocks?

In local news, did you know that Georgia and Tennessee have a border dispute (registration required)? It's been going on about 190 years! I am terribly amused by this, but our state officials are not, especially since there's a big old lake that's supposed to be inside our state line. This water thing is going to get very, very ugly before it's resolved.

Also, our state Senate has passed a bill requiring (registration required) inmates students of government schools to be weighed and measured every year and their BMI calculated. From Bob Barr's (former Republican Congressman turned Libertarian political columnist) blog at the AJC (emphasis mine):

The Georgia Senate, under Republican control, recently passed a bill that, beginning in public elementary schools, students periodically would have their height and weight measured and recorded, and posted in the aggregate so parents could tell which schools have more fat children than other schools. If parents desire to find out the BMI of their own children attending a school, they would be able to find out privately.

Well, at least the government allows parents to learn this information about their own children. Since when did in loco parentis mean that the government should be parenting the parents? Oh. I suppose that would be since about forever.

Honestly. How is it the government's job to monitor this information? It's for our own good, I suppose--well, I mean, It's For The Children. Read the comments and see that I'm not the only one to wonder about the paradox of all but eliminating recess and PE, yet school officials are so concerned about childhood obesity that now this needs to be monitored and aggregated. Oh, I could rant and rave tons, but I just don't have the energy right now. Just reason a million-and-one that I'm happy to be keeping our kids out of the eye of the Georgia public school system.

It's nice, though, that our keepers representatives are maybe going to let us residents of Georgia gasp! buy wine over the internet (registration required)! You may be surprised to learn that it's been illegal all these years. Or maybe you're not surprised. It sure has irritated me to no end, since I've been forbidden, by the morality wardens, from participating in the Wine of the Month Club. I'm sure they're proud of themselves, what with "giving" us some freedom and all. There are restrictions though:

Under Stephens' direct shipping bill, which passed 126-8, Georgians would be allowed to order up to 12 cases of wine a year from farm wineries.

12 cases! That would do me just fine, actually. I wonder if Brendan could also order 12 cases. We'd be swimming in it!

Why, the Georgia legislature must be drunk themselves, because they are positively crazy with the giving us the freedom to imbibe. A new stadium in Gwinnett County (registration required, of course), a big, big county in metro-Atlanta, will get to serve beer on Sundays! Be still my heart! And yet, our officials maintain a complete ostrich-head-in-the-sand approach to just letting go of all control and allowing liquor sales on Sunday anywhere in the state. I'm hopeful the little online petition, which was designed merely to demonstrate that yes, people do want this, gets some attention. Maybe next year.

So that's what's up in my state. Thank goodness the legislative season ends in about a month. What's going on with your state? Will you be more or less free than you are now by the time they are finished this year?


Monica said...

How ridiculous and infuriating. As if BMI is any actual indication of a child's health or well-being. (Along with a lot of fat kids there are a lot of there who probably have perfect BMIs that are way too thin.) At least when I was a kid in public school the health concerns were REAL, i.e. something that was infectious. Like going through our heads with lice combs when there was an infestation.

I understand that childhood obesity is a big problem but this is SO dumb. They are spending taxpayer money to determine which schools have more fat kids? Then I suppose what they'll do is look at the factors in THOSE schools to try to determine WHAT makes kids fat. DUH. As if we don't already know the answer to that question! But of course, political correctness prevents us from drawing common sense conclusions, remember!

I admit I have no clue what is going on in my state. I try not to pay too much attention. Is dat bad? I did notice that Halloween celebrations in one school near us (Broomfield) were canceled due to the religious people not wanting their kids to celebrate Satan's holiday with the rest of the heathen followers.

We have our first raw milk delivery next Friday. Yay! The state of Colorado hasn't managed to shut the cowshare program down yet, despite regulating the hell out of it.

Rational Jenn said...

Yes, the BMI thing is so dumb. You brought up a point I wanted to bring up in my post and then forgot to, which is the complete and utter bogusness of the BMI calculation. Particularly as it relates to children, I would imagine.

You'll notice that I don't pay too much attention to what GA does to mess with my rights, excepting the vitally important issues: education and alcohol! A girl's got to have priorities! :o)

I do watch those pretty closely, especially education issues, since other states have been fooling around recently with their homeschoolers, I am ever-aware that my politicians might decide to do the same.

Yay for your raw milk thing! I am glad that it's not illegal for you to consume it in CO.

And excuse me--WTF about Halloween? Halloween is the world's best holiday! If a parent doesn't want their kid to participate (I once overheard a co-worker tell her child that Halloween "made God sad"), then do something else that night! I also find it very funny that so many ultra-religious folk find the pagan elements of Halloween too disturbing, but are ignorant or ignore the same for Christmas and Easter.