Sunday, March 16, 2008


I'm feeling a bit better this morning and I'm optimistic that our sicko days are behind us for the time being. (I've turned into quite a Silver Lining Optimist in my old age.) It sure would be nice, since we have some important birthdays coming up and visitors, too.

It's Sunday, and boy do I feel RELIEF! Relief from the pressure to buy beer, that is. I mean, it's just insane, that mad rush the other 6 days of the week--I'm grateful beyond measure to my wardens governor and legislators for providing me with this measure of relief, since obviously I have no control over myself. I mean, I tend to work myself into a frenzy about this--like, OMG! How am I ever going to buy enough Guinness to celebrate St. Patrick's Day properly? Oh no, what will I do??!??!!?! It's like I'm a small child, throwing a tantrum, hyper on sugar--I'm mighty glad that I have a parent-figure to remove me from the stressful situation, hand me my blankie, and help me calm down. :o)

We are planning to parlay our recent bout of health (as well as our frustrated desires for alcohol, natch) into some productive work today: yardwork (the worst of the storms missed us, but not for lack of trying), laundry (remind me to tell you about blue crayon in the dryer), general picking up, uploading more pictures to the FamBlog, and yes, sifting through even more baby clothes that I forgot all about until yesterday. Who knows? I may actually make lunch and/or dinner!

Oh, and if you watch Headline News today and happen to catch that piece on the recent ruling in California about homeschooling, please know that there is some misinformation in it. I thought that Tammy Takahashi was great, though--I'm a big fan of her blog. At the end of the piece, the reporter talks about "balancing" parents' rights with the "state's right to ensure that its citizens are truly educated." There are so many things wrong with that statement, I don't know where to begin, and don't have time to delve into right now. Maybe later. But thought I'd warn you, because that's the kind of nice person that I am.

Have a nice Sunday!


TammyT said...

Hey Jenn! Thanks for letting me know I was on CNN. The reporter was supposed to email me to let me know when it was going to air, but I hadn't heard from him.

Was it a promo you saw, or the actual report?

Rational Jenn said...

I'm pretty sure it was the whole clip--lasted a couple of minutes. We saw it several times this morning. Because we're pitiful with leaving the news on that way!

Your interview was there (lovely family, btw!) and Mr. Neven from Sunland Christian and a woman who seemed to be from Child Protective Services or who may have been involved with the case somehow. They talked about support from your governor and the school superintendent and that legal teams are working to resolve the issue.

The misinformation part concerns the reporter's statement to the effect that homeschooling has never been legal in CA--that the judge just restated what the law has been but that the law has not been enforced. I'm certainly no expert on CA laws, but my understanding is that HSing is not illegal, but that you have many options to choose from IN ORDER to HS. Also that "shockwaves" are going through the HS community--"the 9/11 of homeschooling." !!!!

I just checked and the clip is up on CNN under the video section. Let me know if you think my assessment is off.

Thanks for stopping by!

TammyT said...

Hi Jenn,

I think your assessment is pretty spot on. I really tried to get them to interview HSC or CHN lawyers, but they weren't interested. "We already interviewed lawyers."

911 of homeschooling it is not.

Eventually, all the hubbub will be over, which is around the time that the real work of getting this all settled out with begin. That real work is boring and slow, so I doubt anyone will hear about it in the news.

Thanks for the link and glad to hear you're all feeling better.

Monica said...

The blue laws are so silly, aren't they? Don't even know why they're called that. We have them as well in Colorado. It's so dumb.

FamBlog pictures are great. Your kids are too cute!