Monday, March 10, 2008

The Census Bureau Paid Me A Virtual Visit

Not one phone call or personal visit have we received regarding our refusal to send in the preposterously intrusive American Community Survey.

But! I did get a visit of sorts this afternoon. I'm very flattered. Check it out:

Maybe they'll start calling now? It's just too much to hope that they've realized the futility of their quest for my personal information.


C. August said...

More likely, some schmo was googling for references to the ACS or Census Bureau and came upon your blog. I just checked, and in a search for "American Community Survey", your blog came up in the middle of page 3 of the results, #26.

So you're famous!

Anonymous said...

The Census Bureau is in de House!!! Yo, Yo!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! We had the month of calls, but so far no one has showed up at the house. Maybe they've tracked that I read your site...ha!
Other pregnant Jen

Rational Jenn said...

Famous! Maybe that's why they keep stopping by. Things with Brangelina have been kinda quiet for a while--I mean, you can only play the Is She or Isn't She? game for so long until they make an announcement. So for now, they need to make do with my blog.

Anon--you know I love ya!

Other PG Jen--how are things going by the way? I'm still waiting for phone calls--there's enough info on my blog that they could easily figure out who I am, since they know all the street addresses (and therefore names of residents) of where the surveys went. I'm trying to decide if I should really worry or not.