Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cookie Question

Has anyone ever used dark brown sugar to make chocolate chip cookies? I promised the kids we'd make some tomorrow and I just realized we only have dark brown sugar, not light. Sugar is sugar, right? I'm going to go for it, but let me know if there's something I need to watch out for.

The kids and I are still flu-free, can you believe it? But they--and I--are going stir-crazy! We've gone on our daily constitutional around the neighborhood and of course we've been to the grocery store practically every day. Chess class was great yesterday, and who doesn't enjoy a visit to the obstetrician? But they miss playing with their friends (despite being improperly socialized homeschool kids--sorry, couldn't resist) and they really, really miss their Daddy. I miss him, too, and it's not just because when he's around I get a break. Brendan is upstairs bored out of his mind, but feeling mostly better.

I asked my OB yesterday about this stupid flu (baby's percolating just fine, btw) and according to him, Brendan can be contagious for up to a week after he first came down with the flu. (Please--let me know if you have different info!) So we've decided to keep him in Level 4 Containment until Saturday--I think we decided through Saturday. 2 more days. I can do this--and it will be so worth it, especially if I can avoid getting sick.

Hence, the cookies. Tomorrow's supposed to be crazy rainy. Good day for a cooking project!


Chris McKenzie said...

Emily says, and I quote--"It's highly superior." She also says to use the same conversion rate. Good luck!

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm looking forward to "highly superior" cookies tomorrow! Guess I'll take the butter out to soften while I'm thinking about it.

Monica said...

I got the flu from Robb a full four days after he got it. So it seems possible. Good luck!

My father once made choc chip cookies with part brown sugar (couldn't remember, light or dark) and they were fabulous. The best choc chip cookies I've ever had! Go for it!

Rational Jenn said...

First things first--the cookies are so good! I used extra good vanilla, too, so they are very flavorful. I'm thinking dark brown sugar is the way to go from now on. Btw, I just followed the Nestle Toll House recipe, only I use half butter and half shortening, for maximum artery-clogging effect.

Monica--I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm still hopeful we will avoid it, even though that means keeping away from Brendan for an extra day even though he is much better. We haven't had any casual contact with him since early Sunday afternoon. He goes to and from the bathroom spraying Lysol, poor thing, and we have made generous use of hand sanitizer, which I normally avoid. But this is a dire circumstance, so we have done everything we can think of to avoid the plague. The hardest part has been keeping the little ones away--Morgan just doesn't understand and is very sad. Just a couple more days!

Monica said...

We have a huge tub of TOll House dough in our fridge from Costco. Urgh. Robb's purchase, not mine. And is has... you guessed it... soybean oil!! :(~

Type of shortening? Crisco or coconut oil? I know you use coconut oil for some things so I'm curious. I've started to replace coconut oil for shortening in my pie crust and baking recipes (for veg oil), and the result is satisfactory. It lends an different, but pleasing texture.

As you know coconut oil is like 92% saturated fats. Also very "artery clogging." :)