Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daylight Savings Time--Blech!

Why oh why are we still doing this? Ben Franklin wanted to save candles. Okay, I get that rationale, even if I don't agree with it being forced on everyone. But, hey, guess what?

We have electric lights now
(thanks, in part, to that same Ben Franklin). And we had electric lights when we started using DST, back in 1916.

It's been less than a hundred years. Can't we just say it's a stupid idea, figure out a timezone and be done with it? Although I don't recommend letting each county vote on which timezone they like best--that's been tried in Indiana, and it's very, very silly. (HT: My sister)

Yes, I know I've already complained about this, but it's my blog and I don't care. :o)

See, the thing is, it's a pain to get adjusted to a new timezone, but really, it's only an hour, right? It's not gonna kill ya. We know that, but we're adults.

But nobody told the kids. Their little bodies are stuck in the old timezone. Across the nation, parents are struggling with people who want to go to bed "late" and don't want to get up "early." This sucks for us, and we don't even have school or anywhere we have to be super-early in the morning.

So now I have to undertake a 7-10 day long regimen of Helping the Kids Adjust to DST. It involves going to the park for long periods of time so they can wear out their bodies (which is fun anyway, but we usually don't go every day). It involves re-coordinating meal times. It involves mental math calculations by me in order to time out bedtime, just a leetle bit earlier each night, until they are going to bed at their regular time again (we usually start The Bedtime Show about 7:45, M is out by 8:15, R a little later).

I have to do this, for No Good Reason, and that grumps me out. Makes me want to move to Arizona!

Okay, just had to get that out. Something more positive in nature later today, promise!

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