Thursday, March 13, 2008

Governor Perdue Knows Best For Me

He has finally publicly stated that he will not even allow a vote on the Sunday liquor sales issue:

He said "six days is plenty" to allow liquor sales in Georgia. "We need a little relief on Sunday," he added.


I'll tell you what I need relief from--overbearing politicians who inflict their values on me and try to make it sound like it's for my own good. In a free state, in a free country, I should be able to freely conduct a business transaction on whichever freaking day of the week I want to.

I'm not even drinking regularly these days (see the Gus Project on the sidebar). Why? Because, according to my values (the health of me and my little one), it's best for me and for Baby if I don't consume tons of alcohol just at the moment. I am free to act according to these values. But after Gus gets here, my context will change and I'll definitely take up some wine-drinking forthwith. Again--according to my values.

But my governor says it's not okay for me to buy alcohol on Sunday from someone willing to sell it to me. That in his greater wisdom, he has determined that I need a "relief" from being able to buy a bottle of wine--or a case of wine--on Sunday, because A) he doesn't drink and B) he is a Sunday-observing Christian. I'm the polar opposite of both A & B, but I don't get to freely choose my course of action because this joker happens to hold veto power right now.

It is just as immoral for them to prevent me from buying alcohol on Sunday as it would be for them to force me to drink it the other 6 days a week.

I feel a LTE coming on.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Jenn,

What's an LTE?

We have the same problem, to a lesser degree. I live in Bernalillo County, where alcohol can be sold after noon on Sunday. But the closest store is in Santa Fe County, and they have the complete Sunday blue law.

And sometimes I forget. I guess I need more "relief" when I am shopping in Santa Fe County than I do when shopping in Bernalillo County. It's just so great (said through gritted teeth) to have two different big brothers watching over me.

I wonder if they'll every duke it out over who gets to protect me more?

Rational Jenn said...

Oh, Letter to the Editor. I have a draft, need to just send it in!

Some counties in Georgia, especially up by our cabin, are dry or partially dry. They have relaxed a bit in the last 10 years, I imagine due to the increased tourist traffic. The county our cabin is in will not serve alcohol in restaurants on Sundays.

When I was a child, we lived in Texas for 5 years. When we first moved there, nothing was open on Sundays--no liquor stores, sure, but no stores of any kind! If you wanted to buy milk or bread at the grocery store on Sunday, you were out of luck. The law was changed not too long after we moved there though.

It just boggles my mind that this sort of legislation exists in 2008! For my OWN GOOD! And I'm not even drinking these days.

I think part of the reason this upsets me so much, because truthfully, my government oversees my life in other areas, more intrusively, is that it's indicative of the general problem and it's tangible, you know? Or maybe I just like wine! :o)