Friday, March 21, 2008

The Objectivist Carnival, Among Other Objectivist Things

Dan Edge is hosting our carnival this week at his blog, The Edge of Reason. I haven't read through all of the articles yet, but there are many interesting posts to choose from, from some fine Objectivist bloggers.

Also, if you're interested in reading more work by Objectivists, check out ARI Executive Director Yaron Brook's latest at Forbes Magazine, about the McCain-Feingold legislation. The article is called "War on Free Political Speech." It's a good one.

Also also, BB&T has endowed a chair in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Texas. $2 million! Tara Smith will be the first person to hold the chair. (I still need to read her book about Ayn Rand's ethics! Argh! Too little time!) We use BB&T as our local bank (being members of USAA has its advantages, but we find it convenient to have local options, too). They've been great. There is a picture hanging on the wall in our local branch, depicting the construction of a building with bricks or blocks. On the bottom blocks are the words "Reality" and "Reason" and a couple others. On the next level are the words "Individuality" and "Honesty" and "Productivity." The top level has "Teamwork." Next time I go back there I'll make a note of all of the words. John Allison is awesome!

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