Thursday, March 27, 2008

Objectivist Carnival!

We are back this afternoon from a music-class-lunch-soccer kind of a day. Morgan LOVES her soccer team (the coach is awesome) and can't wait to go back. She is so proud of her soccer shirt--it reaches down to the middle of her shins--and really got into all of the activities that the coach had planned for them. She can really dribble a soccer ball, too.

Ryan decided not to play this time, which actually works out just fine--although I wish these young humans developed a better concept of time at a younger age, because it would have worked out better if he had mentioned this 3 weeks ago before I sent in the check! Alas. Funny how different the two kids are, personality/temperament-wise. I wonder what the next one'll be like.

If you haven't had a chance, be sure to read the latest edition of the Objectivist Round Up at The Crucible & Column. It looks great and I can't wait to read the posts I haven't yet seen. Thanks, Kendall!

There are probably a million and one things I could and want to write about, but I will not do it now--gonna go do some more Life Stuff. Later!


C. August said...

What kind of organization runs the soccer class? We enrolled A_ in one for 4&5 year olds at the local Y, and it was SUCKTACULAR.

The teacher/coach seemed completely uninterested in getting kids to be enthusiastic about the sport. At the first sign of them not being really into dribbling or kicking, she basically gave up. As the 8 week (once per week) class went on, it got worse and worse, to the point where she left toys and some tumbling pads out on the floor and let the kids run around on that. The last class, there wasn't even a soccer ball available for use by a kid who might have wanted to kick one.

WTF? I only went to one because it was during the week, but I saw a class where half of it was non-soccer. I didn't think anything of it until I heard what had gone on.

Now, I don't think they need to ram the rules, or drills or some such down the throats of 4 year olds. But at least give them a bunch of balls and tell them to go run around and kick it or pick it up, or whatever. Something related to the sport, or at least the ball!

Now that I think about it again, I need to write/call and complain. The teacher was piss poor, and has no business teaching kids of that age if she can't attempt to build their interest, and just gives up.


Ute said...

My kids are totally different in personality as well. My daughter is the spunky, loud, energetic here-I-am-what-are-you-going-to-do-about kind of girl.

My son is the calmer, lovey dovey, sweetheart, very agreeable and just a really cuddly kid, who knows, due to his incredible height at only 5 years old, has nothing to worry about. I think he got that from his dad. He is incredibly tall as well... and he just has this serenity... very interesting people my husband and son. :)

Rational Jenn said...

C--We have done YMCA soccer with and it was okay. I think Ryan is just not a team kind of guy, at least not yet. Our experience with the Y varied greatly with the coaches we had--one coach just stopped showing up and Brendan and the other dads stepped in to coach!

We stopped with them for several reasons--travel distance, partly, but also due to the fact that starting at age 5, it got really competitive, with 2 practices plus a game per week. I think that's just too much for a 5 yo--well, MY 5 yo anyway. But I was disappointed that there was no Rec League for kids, past the age of 4.

So the soccer league we're with now is for homeschoolers! It's close by, cheaper, and no pressure for the kids who just want to kick a ball around. The older kids have more competitive outlets, if they want. There were AT LEAST 150 kids there yesterday, ages 3 up through teenagers!

The 3 yo group did about 2/3 soccer and 1/3 3yo stuff. They ran the ball up and down the field and did some start-stop drills with the ball. They sang a song about all the parts of the body that can touch a soccer ball. And then they inexplicably did something with bubbles--I wasn't really paying attention.

Some of it was corny, the song-singing, the bubbles, but Morgan is really into corny, so it was great for her! At this age, Ryan would have been profoundly confused and would have just stood there and watched everyone. Morgan was right in the thick of things, running and stretching and coming to me for water breaks, just loved it. I noticed the 4 yos, who were next to us, did more soccer stuff, and the 5 yos actually played a game. So if we stay with it, it will be progressive. I'm with you--no need to be a harda$$ with little ones, but at least talk (or sing) about the game once in a while! Did A have fun in her soccer class or was she totally bored?

Ute--I am continually amazed by the differences--and similarities--in my kids. And how they are similar to us. Ryan is just like me (for better or worse!), and Morgan is Brendan's Mini-She-Me. But still, there are ways in which Ryan does Brendan things and vice versa. It'll be cool to find out what Mr. Baby will be like.