Friday, March 14, 2008

Overheard At Bedtime

Brendan recently had this discussion with Ryan.

Ryan: I want to be rich when I grow up!

Brendan: Well, how would you do that?

Ryan: Well, I would use my brains.

Brendan: What else?

Ryan: And I would work hard, too! And I already have an idea for a hotel where you can go fishing, too.

These kinds of discussions warm my heart. :o)

Ryan's just the kind of guy who could get that done, too--the hotel with fishing amenities. He knows just what it will look like and which kind of peopleguys he would need to hire for each phase of the project.


Monica said...

How cute. :)

Jonathan Akin said...

Wow, thats really great. Keep up the great work!

Rational Jenn said...

Thanks to you both! Of course I think everything they say is terribly adorable and it's all I can do not to write it all on the blog. :o)

But I liked this one because it shows that some of the values that are important to us are getting through to their little brains!