Monday, March 24, 2008

Post #801

Somehow, I have reached 800 posts! How did that happen?

I have this deep sense of urgency about cleaning up the house, which as those of you who know me IRL understand, is really pretty rare. Part of it is Getting Ready for Baby, and part of it is Getting Ready for Morgan's Birthday, which is Sunday. So today, and for the rest of the week, I am getting in touch with my Inner Domestic Goddess and letting her run things for a while. She will probably be challenged at every turn by my Inner Procrastination Goddess who is easily distracted by such things as addicting internet games (thank you, Diana), blogging, people who drop by unexpectedly and ask us to do things, and BTVS. But I'm pretty sure that the IDG has a good chance of winning this week (although she is obviously losing right at this moment).

The little ones start homeschool soccer on Thursday afternoon. This will be Miss M's first foray into the realm of organized sports. Which will mean CUTE.

I always have to chuckle at the people who persist in believing that homeschoolers never emerge into the light of day (hmmmm . . . do they think we are vampires?). As of this week, we are involved in chess class, swimming lessons, music class and soccer. That's 3 activities for R and 2 for M, for those of you keeping score at home. That's kind of a lot, but really much less than many kids I know. I have managed to cram all that into only 2 days out of the week, because I really need Time At Home to sit on my butt get things done. And really, so do the kids. We are all easily overwhelmed and besides, we have a yard to mulch! (The back is about 1/3 done!) We'll take a big break from all these activities, except for possibly swimming, over the summer, to give us all a little bit of time to adjust to a new baby. I'm envisioning a very sparse fall, too.

Morgan is having a low-key birthday, her first "official" party. At 3 years old, you just don't really have that many friends, so it will be small. I really don't think I can handle anything too crazy just now anyway. So we're going to Build-A-Bear at the mall, then back here for cake and presents. A pink and purple teddy bear cake is planned, but it's very possible that we'll have to put together a Hello Kitty cake at the last minute. I made a rookie mistake and stupidly asked her what kind of cake she wanted about a month ago, and she has averaged about 11.2 changes-of-mind per day ever since.

Busy, busy, busy days ahead of us, in the short- and long-term. After Morgan's celebration, we are hoping to welcome my sister for a visit, then more relatives coming for Ryan's Big Day, and the next thing we know it'll be May. I like. We're happy. :o)

Oh, and I have a follow up story to the sperm post, but that'll have to wait until later. Stay tuned!

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Enjoy the snow! And I can't wait for the follow-up sperm story! Oh Boy!