Monday, March 03, 2008

Random Thoughts With Rants Free Of Charge

Here are some things I've noticed and/or have thought about recently.

Ryan is right-footed, only mostly right-handed, and left-eyed. This makes it difficult for him to aim and fire his Civil War rifle.

Why do people seem to think I am escaping something horrible by having another boy? I remember this when I was pg with Morgan--I got quite a few "Oh, you're in for it now!" remarks. I even got an "I'm so sorry." This time, I'm getting "Wow, you sure lucked out there, another girl would have been awful!" You know what? You can't pick the gender and if you don't like little girls, then keep your trap shut. I say this as someone who was very nervous about having a girl (I'm not at all girly), but would never, ever say something like that out loud to someone's face. I also have a sister--been there, done that. You know what? We survived and are best friends. Also, my little girl rocks, So There.

How can one small child spill so many liquids in one day? Why does she do such a thorough spilling job the day after a bath?

Check out the new memoir about Ayn Rand, called Facets of Ayn Rand! A breath of fresh air. If you only "know" about Ayn Rand through the Branden books, do yourself a favor and read this.

Also, The Undercurrent, now with bloggy goodness! (I know, I'm about a week behind with this and the above entry, but I do get there eventually, as you can see!)

Feeling the little baby kick is fun and surprising and weird, just like the other two times. Sometimes it feels like he will come out Alien-style, but I am assured that rarely happens.

Today I went for a walk with a little girl who was pushing a baby doll in a baby doll stroller. I also went for a walk with an apparently conflicted Civil War soldier; he was dressed in gray pants with blue stripes down the sides, a gray shirt, and blue Union Civil War cap. He was also armed to the teeth and stalked us, sniper-style, along the entire route. Our neighbors think we're strange. I kind of like that.

I recently witnessed a coup in our Homeowner's Association. It was kind of fun, although our previous slacker board, while almost certainly up to no good with our money, never got all up in people's business--for good or ill. This new board is fired up and ready to start issuing demerits or whatever they do. Oh. I think it's liens. They can issue liens. Perhaps it's time to clean up our side yards. I can't decide if I liked Dishonest Apathetic Board better than the New and Improved Gestapo Board. I'll get back to you. (I do know that we will never ever buy a house in a neighborhood with an HOA ever again if we can help it.)

Last Friday, Morgan told me that one of the words on a light switch was NO. She is so damn smart. She'll be 3 in a few weeks.

We just finished watching season 1 of Bones. I enjoyed it very much, but Eeewwwwww, Gross! I understand that the main character is based on a real woman, who also writes books and produces the series. It's a very pro-reason, pro-rational show, although there are the inevitable, almost too predictable attempts by the less rational characters to "prove" her wrong. So far they haven't succeeded!

I am so behind on opening the mail, it's ridiculous. It's also very unlike me. And yet, I feel the need to share these random thoughts with all of you. I'm a mystery, even to myself.

Still nothing from the Census Bureau!



Flibbert said...

Wait. It's BAD to have girls? Who are you talking to? China?

And where are their manners? If you're going to be an idiot at least keep your sexist thoughts out of earshot of one of the people in our species that you hate.

Those comments are ones I would take offense to and mock openly to everyone in earshot.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

About the HOA: You will probably live to regret the Gestapo version more than the Slacker version.

In our HOA we have a few people who are not happy unless they are complaining. About everything. Live and let live? Not when there are people on the HOA that think that rollerblading at dawn with your well-trained dog is a crime, as one of my neighbors does. Or one that thinks that jogging in your own neighborhood with your dog is a crime--as my daughter does. The guy stopped her and lectured her, but with the dog going crazy as the guy walked toward her, he had to cease and desist.

Just my rant in response to your rant on the HOA phenomenon.

Those who know what's best for us...will drive us all to drink.

Rational Jenn said...

Flibbert--thank you from the bottom of my heart!

EHL--I think I'm going to miss Apathetic Board. One of the guys who ran for this new board and didn't make it actually constructed a very nice shed on his property as a protest (sheds are prohibited for some insane reason). I got to witness one of the new board members spinning her head off in agitation at this guy's gall. (I must confess to being highly amused by the shed construction.) But just watching her get all riled up sent alarm bells ringing. I like her--she lives on my street and we've never had a problem. But. There's a new sheriff in town. 'Spose I'd better get used to it.

And btw--what the heck is wrong with rollerblading or jogging with a dog? Did I miss the memo? Wow!