Monday, March 31, 2008


We are slow-going this morning, recovering from a very successful, very long birthday day yesterday. I'll post pictures on my picture blog soon. It was fun: bears were built, cake was eaten, gifts were opened, my baby is now 3, and I have just 19 days to regroup in time for the next birthday bash!

I'm behind on reading comments and other blogs and email and such-like, having taken a rare day away from the computer. It was pretty nice, actually, to step away from the glowing box! I really must do that more often. Hmmm....something tells me I'll get to do that more and more in the coming months. :o)

Don't forget--today is the day the states must tell the feds whether the Real ID will fly or not. Only 3 states have completely opposed it, but many more are on the political fence, which means that they have applied for extensions, without really embracing the concept. I wonder if the states are hoping it all blows over after the election. I'm not holding my breath, but I do have a child-like optimism in the ability of politicians to distract themselves from certain issues with all of their pointless squabbling and political maneuvering. Of course, they do manage to accomplish a fair bit of rights-violation as a general habit, but I am ever-hopeful that whoever gets the presidency will irritate everyone on Capitol Hill right off the bat and they'll spend lots of time arguing over nothing things. In the absence of principled politicians and government, it's our only hope.

Until later. . . !

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