Tuesday, March 11, 2008

See? A More Positive Post

We just got back from hanging out with some very good bestest friends. It has done wonders for my mental state! I'm not really mad at Ben Franklin, but I do still hate Daylight Whatever Time.

Part of the reason I was so ranty earlier was that I recently hit the Insomnia portion of the Pregnancy Show and woke up at 5:30 (the old 4:30). Then Morgan came down at 6:00 (the old 5:00) and while I managed to doze on the couch here and there, all chances of going back to real sleep were dashed. Oh well--at least she'll be tired earlier tonight! That's one approach I hadn't considered for getting them used to the time change. Since I'm sure I'll be up, maybe I'll wake them up to see the sun rise tomorrow.

In other news, we allowed Brendan to emerge from his quarantine on Sunday. Last week was tough on all of us, but I think it was worth it, since I haven't gotten sick. Normally, we're not quite that germophobic, honest! (Well, Brendan is, but that's for him to discuss.) Normally, I would have just taken regular precautions and if we got sick, then oh well. But that flu was nasty, and I sure didn't want it while pregnant and having to care for two sick kids. Maybe next time. When is flu season officially over, does anyone know?

We are all so glad to have Brendan back in our lives! I know he was glad to get out of our guest room and feel like a productive human being after losing a whole week. He's still tired, but fine. We're going to have our weekly date night tonight (meeting some friends for dinner), and celebrate health!

You know you've got the blogging bug bad when in the midst of having a casual conversation with a friend, you find yourself saying something pithy or clever, and then actually stop yourself to remark out loud, "Hmmmm....I think that would make a good title for a blog post!" I did that this afternoon. I'm glad to have friends who like to hang out with me, in spite of my dorkiness!

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